Cancer April 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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Social status and community seem to be very important this month to you. Entertainment and social activities are also plentiful but you must also be careful about your health and about listening to the authorities’ advice.

You may also rekindle your interest in an old hobby and for sure the home base activities will increase. Some of you may change residence, but this can cause you many unexpected expenses that could plunge you into shared resources.

It would be advisable to inform yourself before you get involved or sign anything. A friend with good intentions might be misinformed. Trusting yourself and what you know before making any decision will be for the best.

This month, the stars will help Cancerians to develop their communication skills. In addition, you will not lack the determination and confidence in yourself. You can use them in various fields.

April also brings success in sports. For example, now is the perfect time to start a diet and do something for yourself if you want a change.

April highlights

Under the influence of the Jupiter Pluto conjunction, it is advisable to prefer the action than the reflection, you will get better results. Now is not the time to overthink. Socially, a proposal draws your attention. The opportunity to gain a higher status and change the environment.

April is a fruitful month for the heart, with a happy event to celebrate and good times to share with the family.

You seem to start April in a good mood, but you may be quite naive about certain aspects. From the 4th on, a former partner can return to the landscape or think more often about an old relationship.

During or around the day of 7th, do not make risky investments and be careful about taking loans. Also, take care of who you trust and don't let yourself be preoccupied with fears about the future.

From the 13th onwards, you communicate better with the superiors. At the same time, social life brings you many surprises.

As the month approaches its end there are some fears related to how some projects or relationships from the present day may evolve in the current landscape.

Cancer love horoscope for April

The Jupiter and Pluto conjunction occurring on the 5th of April, right in your house of relationships, partnerships and marriage sends a strong message that a new emotional cycle is now being forged in your life, whether you like it or not.

There is opportunity to restructure your marriage and restore balance in a couple's life, if confrontation of forces occurs there, or to end any toxic relationships in your life.

Depending on the state of your emotional life or your marital relationship, you may experience some painful but transformative, liberating, revealing moments. For some natives the emotional relationships and the life of the couple are subjected to difficult tests, multiplied by the position of Saturn in your eight house, that of intimacy and transformation.

Some Cancerians can start special sentimental relationships, intense romance, if we consider the fact that Pluto governs the house of love, flirtation and romance of Cancer. Others may decide that it is the best time to formalize the sentimental relationship they are currently in.

Especially after the middle of the month, a new cycle of expansion begins, of beneficial changes that bring joy to the soul and confidence in the future.

Whatever you do, don’t overthink your situation nor your emotions and don’t force the relationship in a particular direction. Instead, you'd better deal with your insecurities and set aside time to reflect deeply on what you want in the long-term sentimental plan.

Career and finances

Your professional life this April will follow the trajectory of a story, with some ups and downs and perhaps a happy outcome. You will need to trust and count unconditionally on those close so be careful about not angering them with your actions.

It appears like you are lucky enough to be surrounded by people who have your best interest in mind but you still need to be as analytical and focused as usual.

During the third week of the month you may find yourself working a little too much and perhaps neglecting some domestic activities.

Most Cancerians appear optimistic that they will be able to convince their life partner that the difficult situation of the last period is not because of them.

Unfortunately, it is not known if there is any way of reconciliation and it is possible that the partner will not be very happy with how much you are neglecting them in favour of work.

Health status

If you have older or newer health problems, it is advisable to call a specialist with confidence and not be afraid of making good changes in your lifestyle this month.

Put some money aside for medical investigations and try to explore the problems you have, in more depth. The recovery power of the Cancer is greatly enhanced during this period and, in addition, you benefit from the support of the family.

Even if the news about the health could be disturbing at the end of the month, you should not be alarmed. You will also receive encouraging news, and even solutions to get you on your feet.

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