Cancer August 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-07-26, 3221 views

While the first half of August will keep your mind on work, some natives even having to deal with a lot more work than usual, the second half of the month finally takes revenge and will offer occasions to relax and some chances to try something new.

What is important for you to remember this month, no matter what you are going through, is that you are required quick thought and quick action. The more logic you are and the more you recall and count on past experience, the easier everything you are going through will appear to be.

There is some timid but good news in regards to your love life as well as you tend to view commitment a lot more seriously and also understand that you cannot be as selfish as you have been and that there is also need for some compromise.

Taking care of everything

The first few days are going to be concentrated on making things work both at home and at work. You will be the fixer and people will ask for your attention.

This will build up your self-confidence but in case something more serious takes place, you are still prone to succumbing to your own harsh self-criticism. Some minor discussions may impress you more than usual.

You are not very happy when people have differences of opinion, even if you are not necessarily involved.

Around the 8th, you ought to do something for your health and might want to take a closer interest into how you have been feeling in the past few weeks. Also, beware of the sun if it is too hot where you are, even if you are on holiday.

Paying attention

What you may also notice as the middle of the month approaches is that you are a lot more attentive to what those around you are experiencing and will often find yourself putting yourself in their shoes.

But this seems to remain some sort of personal exercise because you don’t seem yet ready to show them your care. Also, you are quite practical and might get to an end with some troubles you’ve had around the house.

This will be accompanied by some nerves, especially if you need to have contractors around the house but eventually you will now that it is for the best.

A bit of organizing and house cleaning will also settle things but don’t get your hopes to high on finally sorting things out because you won’t be able to throw everything you don’t use anymore and a lot of melancholy will ensue.

Having fun

Around the 20th you will still be attentive to the shape of what you are doing but will also reserve a lot more time for having fun. This is where your friends should come in action. In case you have ghosted some in the past, maybe not all is lost and you could still come in contact with them.

If you make courage to do so, you won’t regret it. Also, make sure you spend time outdoors and perhaps rekindle your relationship with your hobby. You are patient and attentive and this pays of in any activity you undergo.

Also, you seem to be a lot more relaxed and won’t mind getting out of your comfort zone. However, Mars and Saturn are quite protective and will prompt you when your activities are too risky.

Keeping yourself busy

As the end of the month approaches, things are not going to be entirely smooth in your love life and you are in no way to blame as you seem to be more balanced and peaceful than ever.

But your partner seems to display a bit of a contradictory behavior at times and you won’t know how to take that.

Not to mention that this will often end up on your nerves because you are sensible enough to care. But don’t worry, this is only temporary and you will both get to better terms.

There is something good coming out of this in the shape of you perhaps spending more time at work or trying to keep yourself occupied so you don’t let your mind wonder around.

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