Cancer August 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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Move past your fears this August or else you are going to be left behind. The stars are on your side in terms of bringing new experiences at your fingertips but if you let your worries take the best of you, this will all be in vain.

You appear to also be keeping your emotions in check during the first half of the month, although there may also be an isolated outburst that has to do with your romantic life. It may be that this peace of mind of yours comes from a recent achievement and the fact that you are now trying to prove everyone that you are able to raise to the expectations.

The word of caution for you this August is to set realistic goals and follow them step by step. Resilience is your forte as usual but when it comes to motivation, this will come and go.

Your perspectives may also vary widely across the month so if you only launch yourself into small tasks, you will get to have better control of a situation and be a lot more adaptable.

Rather stubborn in your personal life, you will not listen to anyone advising you about your love life and will really think that you know best. You will also prefer to go by impulse in this area and this is why, the single natives, may not be able to get as far as they would wish.


TOP TIP of the month: There will be a lot of beauty surrounding you, whether we are talking about you traveling and discovering new cultures, whether it’s the local art where you live or the music you choose to listen to this August.

Ready or not … here it comes

The first week of August may bring some high ideals into your mind and you will chase them no matter what. You appear to be very adaptable and willing to learn new skills and test them. This is huge for your emotional state and for the fixed attitude you usually prefer to dwell into.

On the other hand, you might want to be cautious about this enthusiasm of yours because it may get you to overcome small but crucial details.

Similarly, don’t let this get to your head because you still need the help of those around. Especially in the workplace, you may have this tendency to isolate yourself and you really need to combat it.

The Venus square Saturn aspect forming on the 9th may restrict evolution in your love life so don’t be surprised if nothing doesn’t seem to go right around this date.


Watch out! Don’t overthink or rush into drawing conclusions. Allow yourself and your love interest or partner a bit of time to breathe and as soon as this influence is over with, both of you will benefit from more clarity.

The August 11 Solar Eclipse is one of the events you should be on the watch out for because its influence over your life is rather debatable.

You are definitely going to draw a significant amount of energy out of it and may get to accomplish a lot of things in a short period of time, for instance at work, but you may also be easily distracted.

There is a bit of a predisposition to risk and to brewing negative thoughts and this means that you are literally the only one sabotaging your plans, especially as no one else seems to be directly involved in what you are doing.

Some consider the Eclipse the most dramatic tool that can produce change but this doesn’t really happen in one’s life all of a sudden. There will be enough signs that something is going to happen and should you nurture your intuition, you will be in the know, well before others.


Enhance! The Jupiter trine Neptune aspect forming on the 19th will encourage you to leave all selfishness aside and help others in need, whether through something material, practical advice or just encouraging words, depending on the situation.

A matter of intuition

Your sense of security and stability may again be challenged by two very interesting trine aspects that the Sun forms with two very special planets: with Saturn on the 23rd and with Uranus on the 25th. A trine aspect, in theory means that the two planets, whilst situated far from each other, are in harmony and stimulate the best in both.

The favourable activity of Saturn will ensure that you acknowledge your boundaries and how far you can go in romance and professional aspects and may offer a bit of structure, that you really need into your life these days.

Uranus on the other hand, whilst still prompting you to take things step by step, in a methodical manner, will remain truthful to its forward-looking tendencies and will help you see new aspects of what you are dealing with and perhaps envision what the future could potentially look like for the fruits of your labour.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Venus square Pluto aspect occurring on the 26th will stir things up in your love life and some issues of which of the partners should be in control, will surface. Your jealousy may be challenged, and you are not going to feel very comfortable about this.

As you are governed by the Moon, you can imagine that the August 26th Full Moon is not going to go unnoticed.

Whilst for others, this is the time to reap the benefits or past work or for anything wrong to culminate and move away from one’s life, in your case, as this Full Moon is actually in Pisces, a peer sign of similar emotional calibre, the risk of you acting up your feelings in an uncontrollable manner increases.

However, there is also the good sign of your intuition being enhanced, this being your main tool in fighting any adverse influence.

Your subconscious will provide you with diverse warnings when you are exaggerating so it is just a matter of understanding your instincts and then using your wisdom and life experience to combat them.

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