Cancer August 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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This August will be a month of the more judicious, more responsible and you will most certainly play all your virtues. You have high expectations from those around you and might try to impose a rather draconic schedule too.

Try not to be moralist and accept that everyone functions differently but this doesn’t mean they are not in full energy.

You must have clemency and patience with your loved ones so try to avoid becoming too hostile, especially if you are traveling with them for the holidays.

Some past issues may resurface and your forgiveness will be tested. It’s important to pick your battles, otherwise, you will be the one appearing hostile and superficial.

Around the middle of the month some romantic temptation may come your way and you might end up breaking away from those virtues of yours, after all.

New people may also appear in your daily life and you will be very curious to know more about their lives. Try not to hurry any of these relationships because you might not create the best impression.

In conclusion, this hot summer month will bring several accomplishments to the dear Cancerian. While others relax, you are able to focus to the fullest. You also do not miss any interesting ideas. The horoscope recommends you to not to be afraid of expressing your views and of taking the initiative.

August highlights

Those born in the sign of Cancer recapture their self-confidence in personal pursuits, can be taken by surprise by the turn of an important friendship and will seem to enjoy a lot of benefits in the social sphere.

Until the 7th, you might want to be careful about who you work with and what you are telling others because some things might be used against you. Of course, if this happens you will be quite disappointed and will then take a while before you can trust people again.

From the 10th onwards, your social luck changes however, and you will be the darling of every event you attend. People will listen to you and you will be well respected.

Around the 15th, make sure you capitalize on some previous investments and make sure you take the wise decisions. Perhaps you can benefit from the insight of someone from the family too.

Up until the 20th you will be very preoccupied with the future, almost forgetting about the present but it seems that some kind of switch will take place in your head after this date and you will prefer to focus on what you are living at the moment and enjoy what you have.

Those who are negotiating something or preparing to sign important documents will find that all is in their favour and whatever delays have happened previously, are not just a matter of the past.

From 29 onwards, your communication and socialization skills are becoming more prominent too, and you can really get what you want from people.

Cancer love horoscope for August 2019

It appears that this August, sensuality is manifested with maximum intensity in the lives of fellow Cancerians. Mars will tune your frequency towards some impulses you didn’t even know you had.

The first week might also keep you a little busy mentally with some concerns, perhaps even worries that there is no point for you to have.

But this will only be short-lived as you will be returning to your happy self earlier than you’d think. You will then continue to radiate energy and optimism and be full of aplomb when it comes to love matters, for the remainder of the month.

It may be that around the 20th, an opportunity of some kind might arise for you to travel with your loved one and you will hesitate whether to go ahead with the plans. This might bring up an unnecessary source of conflict at home, so make sure you explain yourself thoroughly, before things get misunderstood.

Career progress this month

The New Moon that August debuts with will help boost your finances, whether it’s money you already have or new sources of income. You are very open to alternative ways of making money and will not hesitate to supplement your earnings in various ways.

Up until the 20th, your second house of material possessions will be very activated so there are high chances of an important purchase to take place. Don’t worry, this will not be a stressful time because you have prepared for a long time for this.

At work, it seems that you are the one bringing fresh ideas in the mix and might also be the one who rescues the co-workers when something terribly wrong happens.

You might also be in the spotlight, around the 25th, due to a serious achievement that needs to be celebrated. This might improve your professional image too, much to the delight of everyone in the family.

Some natives might be careful about being approved a line of credit or something similar because this might come with some extra expenses that they should be planning.

Health and wellbeing

It's a good summer for you! Your health and social attitude will have a strong edge and major positive disruption can take place.

It will be a busy month, full of pressure and activities, so pay attention to your levels of stress. It’s important to find ways in which to relieve it.

Fortunately, the family is with you and supports you in everything you do, which will help you a lot, especially emotionally.

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