Cancer August 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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Under the influence of Mercury, your August will be very harmonious in terms of relationships, because you will be very honest with your feelings. This vibe could bring new knowledge into your life, so keep an eye out.

Cancerians will be able to express their opinions and feelings with ease. You will be fine in terms of finances. If you have struggled with an insufficient budget to this point, this month could bring you financial balance.

The hot summer months will bring career success for Cancers. While others relax, you are able to focus to the fullest. You also don't lack interesting ideas.

The horoscope advises you not to be afraid to express your opinions in August. The new security gained can also be used in personal life - take the initiative, your partner or your family will certainly appreciate this.

August 2020 highlights

Your mood will be nostalgic, so it will be a good time to visit your favorite places and spend some time reminiscing or perhaps even celebrate something with your loved ones, if an anniversary is about to come up.

This month you will spend more money than usual to improve your personal image. If you are married, your life partner might face health problems and will need your full support. The career and financial plan have an upward trend and the trips are well planned. More health care is recommended.

Advice for key dates in August:

Around the 7th: Avoid becoming stuck to other’s opinions and not forming your own.

Around the 13th: Share more with others, whether it’s your time, feelings or help.

Around the 20th: You seem to communicate better with those around.

Around the 26th: This is a good context for negotiations and new plans.

Around the 29th: Stay on top of work responsibilities and don’t delay things too much.

Cancer love horoscope for August

This is a very suitable month to spend in the company of people of the opposite sex, especially if you want to get involved in a long-term romantic relationship; it is even very possible to meet with love at first sight.

It will, however, require a dose of caution; sometimes it is necessary to analyze with the mind, not only with the heart, and now you can have such moments.

The couple's relations will be, in general, full of romance and passion; it is not, however, a good time to take decisive steps, but on the contrary, it is appropriate to study the terrain and analyze the course of events.

Spend time in the company of partners, enjoy each other's presence, without other obligations.

Career horoscope

It is very possible that many circumstances will favor you, professionally. You are very persevering and dedicated, and this will not delay in showing its results.

There is no need to change your job or career at this time; the astral context does not favor such moves. It wouldn't even make sense, because you will enjoy appreciation from the employer and recognition from colleagues.

In terms of finances, only the first part of the month seems to be beneficial in this regard; and even now, you should be cautious about high-risk investments.

Cancer seems to be accompanied by luck in its most ambitious social and financial actions, being supported in this regard by reliable friends, and has the opportunity to miraculously optimize their love life!

Your wellbeing this month

You have to be on the ball and take advantage, in time, of the advantages that are offered to you; don't wait for others to roll up your sleeves, because you will wait a long time.

This is not a good time to hibernate in your own corner; the circumstances will bring you to light, so it would be good for you to take the step forward. The points of interest, this month, will be the income and the close family.

Some worries could start with one of the family members, who has a problem for which the solution does not seem to be at hand. Worries will persist until the second half of the month, when things will calm down, clearing up, at least inpart.

Interpersonal relationships will generally be productive; open communication will be the element that could solve many situations that could be unwantedly complicated in some contexts. There will be more opportunities to make extra money, but you will need to act at the right time.

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