Cancer December 2016 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-11-20, 3519 views

What is indicated in general may not be the best for you this December so pay attention when following advice. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can feed into your stubbornness. It’s just a mere reminder that you are the tailor of your life and all choices are half chance.

It’s not going to be necessarily easy this month but for sure the challenges you will be against will contribute to something bigger in the future, even if at the moment they only provide you with more experience.

What is out of the ordinary to some extent is that you are very outspoken and for once, you have the patience to explain others things, not only to guard your own opinions. You might end up being the voice of those who are afraid to speak in some situations.

All sorts of situations

The first few days are going to give you this feeling of insecurity and that a lot of things are temporary. This may happen because of something that is going on at work and which seems to influence you on a whole new level.

Perhaps you are overreacting and this is not doing you any good or it is actually all right to think of what is going on in this manner because it makes you more responsible in general.

A word of advice for you is to make sure you are clear in what you are telling others, whether you expect something from them or not.

You are working efficiently with a lot of people so you shouldn’t let some difficult cases let you down. Other partnerships may be in the cards as well.

Difficult love moments

Around the 14th it seems that something is ought to stretch your nerves a lot more than expected and you need to draw some lines. It may be that your partner has offered you a surprise you consider unpleasant or that they weren’t loyal to you with something.

Instead of dwelling and starting to doubt everything you do, you could actually confront them. This works in the office as well but you need to be more diplomatic, of course.

Venus is still impacting your relationship and some things may get out of the way easier than expected. Single natives also seem to have contacted that contagious doubt and prefer to keep themselves in expectative.

Chances to take

The second half of month comes with travel opportunities for some, perhaps with working in a group as well. You can unite your efforts with those of some experts and you would be surprised at the results.

If someone offers to help, don’t necessarily think that they have an ulterior motive. Let them help you when possible and be sure to return the favor.

In case you need to make a particular decision, especially around the 20th, although in some cases, all these will be postponed till after the holidays, you need to be very careful with who is involved. And don’t forget about any conditions that may be written in the small print.

You are being very direct in a particular situation and this makes you feel very good about yourself. I guess you can continue with that since it takes you on a high wave.

The only caution here refers to you not feeling as if you are entitled to something or to be careful not to start treating people poorly.

Delays and how you react

Some lack of synchronizing might delay your plans and of course this will get on your nerves. Because the holidays will be closer than ever, you will be even more dramatic about any delay.

For some natives, this will actually work as an impulse and those involved will speed things up but this is not really the winning strategy because in other cases, you might be considered the drama queen and then, naturally, people will be reluctant to help you.

Your disposition seems to depend too much on what is going on and perhaps you are a bit stuck in your ways. A lot of flexibility would be ideal but if you are realistic enough, you know that it would be best just to try.

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