Cancer December 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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This December you will feel the need of a personal inventory, a way of deciding which beliefs and patterns of thinking you wish to keep forward in the New Year and which you wish to discard.

Whilst you may think that this is the usual for this time of the year, bear in mind that on this occasion, you are more in tune with yourself, and the results can really be impressive.

You have the occasion to banish uncertainty, confusion and irrelevant fears from your life and replace them with confident thoughts, not only because you are starting a New Year but more because this is a make or break moment in your life.

You are passionate about your experiences but don’t seem to be very connected to them so you will show yourself very flexible in the face of change this month.

Towards the end of the month you may also focus your attention on people in your entourage you have not engaged with in a long time.

December highlights

You will spend the majority of the first week of December being in a great mood, very sociable and friendly with everyone. Your example of motivation will inspire others and seeing this will make you very proud of yourself.

You are not very practical so you might want to be careful about any attempts of fixing things because you might end up breaking them further. Those surrounded by small children will get to understand them better.

Mars conjunct Neptune around the 4th will make you more self-confident and you will be able to use your charismatic appeal more than usually. On top of this, to keep you going, the Mars sextile Pluto debuting on the 13th may also throw upon you a surge in energy and more interest towards some old passions of yours that you may have forgotten in a while.

With a full Moon in your sign just around the corner from Christmas, on the 22nd, you will feel more at ease with your decisions and will show your love in very creative ways. You will definitely depart from the individualism you may have exhibited during some key moments in the month.

Love life this month

Whatever you are looking for, that is what you will find on the romantic front this month. However, you might also want to be careful because there will also be a lot of noise, temptation and distractions to deal with.

And the latter may end up costing ones their relationships if they are not careful enough. There will be chances to regroup and find one’s priorities but in some cases this might happen too late.

Mercury will offer you a chance to give your heart a voice but don’t take it personally if this is not reciprocated. With the Sun returning to your relationship sector around the 22nd, you will not be missing out on love too much.

It’s not all make or break for you so try not to be in a hurry for the New Year, changes can take place even the following days, with the same magic charge as they would, before.

Career aspects in December

You seem to be very busy throughout the first part of the month and will not get a chance to breathe. At the same time, you will be very pleased with the results of your work and this will most certainly outweigh the wariness and the tiredness.

You must remember, however, that you might have other obligations towards colleagues so try not to work on your own for too long. Also, remember about your personal life and take time for yourself too.

Some natives may be working towards an important deadline and really wish to start off the New Year on a clean slate and chances are that they will meet their objectives, seeing how persevering and dedicated they are.

This month you don’t accept to take the way that everyone takes and the fact that you are doing things differently means that the result of your work will also be spectacular.

Health and wellbeing

You don’t have to worry about too many things the first half of the month, on the contrary, you may even get the long-awaited results from some tests and this will eliminate some suspicions you may have had.

After the 14th though, you will need to be more careful to what you are doing and what you are eating, especially as the holidays are fast approaching. The word of advice is to avoid any treatments that have not been prescribed by a specialist and to try and relax more.

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