Cancer December 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Although relationships will be harmonious and strong in December, you must be careful not to become dependent on your partner. Especially in cases where you are not sure about the partner, they are not 100% reciprocal.

Each Cancer should also avoid small quarrels, as they could easily become more serious.

The main events of the analyzed period will take place especially in the professional segment. Situation upsets, resumption of old activities and stormy discussions may also occur.

Spend your efforts carefully, select priorities and avoid the challenges of others.

It is good to treat yourself properly and put your health and relationships with your loved ones first. In sentimental relationships, dissonant emotional fluctuations, forced actions and no reproaches are possible. With goodwill and understanding you can solve everything for good.

December highlights

Partnership relationships remain tense during the first part of the month, but there is also a good part. You will be able to get rid of the people and situations that trouble you and that have become tiring.

The second part of the month brings the feast of celebration and party. New forms of collaboration are opened, plus the reinforcement of the old partnerships, whether it is the professional ones or it is a matrimonial relationship. Enjoy everything around you!

Around the middle of the month you have some fruitful meetings with your business partner, employees or clients. Following that, for the next couple of days you will be in good shape and sociable.

It is also a good time to lay the groundwork for future plans with current business partners, clients or collaborators or with your loved one. From the 20th onwards, the first material benefits also appear and you are in a very good state of mind.

Towards the end of the month your jealousy or partner's tendencies may go too far but after Christmas, you communicate more effectively with your life partner and family.

Cancer love horoscope for December 2019

It appears that December starts with a sustained period of effort to form a solid couple or to repair and strengthen marriage. It is very possible that the improvement will not be felt immediately, but after a relatively tense period, of revision of the rules after which life works in two.

Jupiter's energy, however, inspires a lot of optimism and helps you gain a clearer picture of the needs and possibilities of relationships.

The movement of the stars may suggest that, in order to make good decisions you need to think about things in the long term and with much maturity.

The Venus Saturn conjunction and the Venus Pluto conjunction between the 10th and the 14th support decisions with long-term effects, strategies for meeting the couple's aspirations, and plans for establishing a family.

For some natives, a relationship from the workplace could evolve into a flashy marriage, regardless of whether it is just starting now or has been going on for a while.

Take advantage of the Solar eclipse of December 26th because, although this might bring some tensions and surface some past issues, it will also give you the chance to take a new approach and do things differently.

Your attitude or your partner may change, but it is good to know that in the long run, all will be for the best.

Career and finance progress this month

Let’s put it bluntly from the start: you can't rely on logic and reason this month. So be receptive to what your intuition tells you. Pay attention to what's going on around you.

Do not miss the moment when you can use the changes that take place. Intuition will guide you to position yourself on the right side.

Heads change, new activities or projects appear: choose what the experience and the flair urge you to do.

You are in financial balance. You can buy something you planned and still couldn't, as long as it is moderately valuable.

Health and wellbeing

This month will find you in a state good health and will give you many opportunities to improve yourself physically and mentally. Rest and relax whenever you have little spare time.

Be active and eat healthy. Watch out for an emotional turmoil that will bring you great stress. Be positive and let the feelings of optimism surround you.

Your energy level will alternate throughout the year. Try to strike a balance between work and relaxation.

A proper diet will pave the way for a healthier future. Stay away from culinary cravings this year, as they may have long-term repercussions.

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