Cancer February 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-01-23, 3221 views

A conflicting month ahead with ups and down, comprising of a list with different choices to make and not really enough information to piece things together.

You’d be surprised though to see that despite the fact that you can’t count on yourself, you will have some support from friends and people who know you too well to let you down right now.

What do you miss out on

You might feel deeply unsatisfied with certain outcomes, both in your professional and personal life but while at work there might be some chances for you to get back on the right track, when it comes to your personal life, the struggle seems to continue as Mercury enters Pisces around the middle of the month and surely won’t bring any clarity in your life.

You will benefit though from a lot of courage of your convictions but not enough perhaps to see you move things past the first day of action.

This might see you with a lot of projects just begun but which you don’t really intend to continue. It might not be something terrible or something to be blamed for unless you let other people hanging as well or make promises which even you know you are not going to keep.

Romance or certitude

Up until the 17th, Venus is on your side, allowing you to be romantic but not clingy and to show exactly how passionate you are.

For some natives, it might be a prompt to take their relationship to the next level while other natives will finally get the courage to ask their interest out.

Anyways, there will be some days entirely reserved for romantic accomplishments for those who are sensible enough to seize them.

This February requires from you some sort of soul discipline, the power to abide by your principles and at the same time not make any long term plans.

You need to live in the present and encourage yourself that you are on the right track although there is no certitude available for you to report to.

Sources of knowledge are going to be books and others experience so do ask questions about the past and try to understand it.

Social time ahead

In the second half of the month some news from afar might make your day and bring a bit of sunshine on your street as well and who knows, you might even be proposed to set on some traveling as a response.

Mercury does make up for all the other conflict by trying to push you ahead and out of your comfort zone but in a delightful way rather than something too daunting.

Mercury and Neptune are trying to keep you in contact to whomever it is that you love and are far away from you and the depth in perception following this will also help you with work relations.

Therefore if you need to be in contact with some foreign collaborators, you will be quick to take on their customs and to engage with them and make them feel welcomed into the company.

For some natives this might attracted the attention of superiors and maybe some other work propositions.

Don’t avoid team work because given the current disposition, things are actually going to be a lot more efficient while working in pairs or in larger groups.

If I were you, I wouldn’t sign anything around the 20th and I would definitely not agree to anything. Professionally speaking you may be held accountable for something you’ve said or did and it will take you a lot of inspiration to get clean handed out of this and a lot of work to make up for whatever is missing or has been destroyed.

What you ask for

Towards the end of the month, a stone you’ve been carrying on your soul is going to be lifted as you receive some sort of green light in the shape of a positive answer to an endeavor you have been preparing for a while but that was depending upon someone else or maybe upon an authority.

Beware though of misunderstandings and misinterpretations of what you are actually allowed to do and if laws are involved, try to stay within their boundaries.

Don’t ask for explanations from those close in the heat of the argument because they might rise their own questions and you will be caught red handed.

On the other hand, stay away from exaggerations and interpretations because although things might be put in  a haze, they are actually clear enough but they require you some time before you can fully understand them.

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