Cancer February 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-01-22, 3792 views

February is going to be quite a peaceful month, both from a personal and work point of view. There are a lot of things to put in order but you don’t feel slightly phased by this. You will most likely get involved in lucrative activities and maintain quite a balance with some healthy habits in your life.

Sounds too good to be true, well, it probably isn’t. Because you can’t resist peace and quiet, you will most likely try to sabotage this, probably on an unconscious level.

And it isn’t like you want something more exciting in return. Maybe it is just the scent of drama and complications that you want to be lurking around.

Working conditions

At work, you are getting involved into something to your advantage and are waiting to see if those around are reacting the way you have imagined they will. you are testing them and making all sorts of scenarios and this should obviously be regarded as hard work.

The only word of caution in regard to this is to beware of any attempts at direct manipulations and forcing others, perhaps through blackmail, to do as you want.

What we described above has to do with fine analysis and prompts in the environment, rather than actual interfering in people’s actions. You will learn a lot just by paying attention and trying not to make personal judgements.

Something great, finally

Although Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, you are more practical than romantic and you would prefer a helping hand from your partner, here and there, rather than anything too emotional.

This is again, another turn of events, so characteristic to you. No wonder the poor thing won’t know how to react anymore. To your luck, they will most likely decide to please you with a combination of both, so from everyone’s standing, you are winning, no matter what.

For some natives, in the middle of this half drama, half peace, a window of opportunity opens. It has to do with something they didn’t even know they wanted or that they have any skills for. It may not be exactly the right time but a lot of things from around, will push them to go for it.

Even family, who might at a glance be reluctant about the whole thing, will end up supporting it. Perhaps you will be able to buy yourself more time as a consequence of a mutually acceptable agreement.

Reminded of what is important

Associations and signings of legal documents are also very likely during this period, and of course, will add an unsolicited source of stress in the mix.

Towards the 20th, although not much to your liking, it seems that you work better with others and manage to leave nay animosities aside, especially once you have seen the first results. The ambitions are grand and this keeps you focused.

You will still have your moments of aloofness when you’ll prefer to isolate yourself but these will be less intense and of a smaller duration because you are actually excited about what you have achieved with others and will want to go back to that.

What gets you through

Matters of personal care will surface as well and you have these moments in which you will feel as if you have let yourself down, although you haven’t really. There is no worry, because you will find the time to pamper yourself. Perhaps you can transform this into an occasion of going out with your friends.

Your house comes next as well, and it may be that you want to make some changes but don’t know what exactly. Many of us get bored of the same view every day but we have our coping mechanisms. Perhaps you are putting just too much thought in this and are letting your mind wander too much.

And speaking about this, towards the end of the month your daydreaming habits will intensify but this time, they might also be accompanied about these feelings of guilt that you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing. But who says that? This is also a period of bending rules, as long as no one notices.

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