Cancer February 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-01-27, 8813 views

With a partial eclipse, a New Moon in Aquarius and a difficult Mars square Neptune transit, this February has plenty of unpredictable situations in store. You’ll have plenty of fun in between as well so no need to panic yet.

You seem to have an optimist but slightly superficial outlook, as influenced by the Venus square Jupiter transit at the beginning of the month.

You are therefore taking everything very easily, even though, in your own mind, you are breaking each situation apart and reasoning all sort of consequences.


When Venus moves into Pisces on the 11th, you will be more open to ways in which you can bring your dreams into reality and although you will be easily distracted, you will also have an eye for what has potential and what is illusion, so deep inside you will know.

This is one of those times when you find it easier to invest in fantasies, and with Venus’ influence in the game as well, surely, some of your energy will be spent on that elusive relationship or trying to impress your love interest.

Your energy will likely be drained by these attempts so think about yourself as well and get plenty of rest too. Some natives will be pleasantly surprised to discover how someone is, on the inside, so very remote from the image they are trying to portray.

Improvement path

With the partial solar eclipse occurring on the 15th of February, there are numerous occasions of change, throughout the second half of the month. Improvement ideas will be rife but you may struggle a bit with putting them to action.

You will avoid being kept hostage by the emotions of those dear but at the same time, you won’t be able to help but pour all your compassion in interactions with them.

Add to this a new Moon in Aquarius and you can be sure than unique and unusual ideas will be valued and brought forward. There may be some days in which you will be in the spotlight, but also others in which you will work hard behind the scenes.

It seems that this solar eclipse will mostly focus feminine energy so female natives will be more benefited than their male counterparts, perhaps a better position at work, wins in parenting and more self-confidence.


Small crises may degenerate around the 17th, due to the Mars Neptune square, as there won’t be no time and no patience to keep things under control. Anything that may have been kept hidden is likely to surface now, when least expected and in some cases, just by accident.

For a brief moment, you may gain a great ability this month, that of putting the desires of others, perhaps even people you are not very close with, either, above your own.

You are leaving all selfishness aside and act in an honest way. You may even end up being more motivated than when acting led by personal ambition. There is no need to lie however, taking this role of warrior tickles your ego a little more than you would like to admit.

Making the best out of the worst

The aspect that will govern the last days of February, that of Venus square Mars, is one that brings inner tension. The good news is that from tensions, inner strive will rise. You are more dynamic and won’t succumb to external temptation and pressure as easy as on other occasions.

There may be issues with you being accepted in a particular group or an achievement of yours being formally recognized. This aspect relates to self-worth and actions that have the purpose to protect this.

The aggressiveness of Mars meeting the romantic and creative nature of Venus, meaning that endeavors will get a bit of the energy of both. You are breaking away from some family morals in order to embrace a habit or a relationship that you find attractive.

Younger natives will act out in more diverse ways than natives who are more experienced and know themselves better.

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