Cancer February 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Embrace the unforeseen and be less fixed about the things that you can and those you can’t do. You may know yourself but take a moment to understand that you are also sabotaging yourself because there are many things you are too afraid or too worried to even think about.

This is a great month to get out of your shell and do something really exciting, without fearing that it might lead you in an embarrassing situation or similar.

The Sun in Aquarius will surely promote your social life and will make you keener to help others. However, there is a word of caution against allowing yourself to be robbed of your energy entirely by others.

Keep in mind the following

You can kick-start some new aspirations you have been thinking about and although the road ahead may be long, you are sure to power through.

And why wouldn’t you be, especially as you have all the tools and some great enthusiasm. It is important to not let people rain on your parade and cut any toxic ties you may have around you.

Be careful though because some criticism is actually constructive and you don’t want to banish that as well from your life. You still need some voices of ration around.

With Venus in your seventh house, you may be surprised by the help you can receive from your partner with your plans and you should really tap into their potential.

After the 16th, you may find that you are most capable of focus and to deal with some financial matters that you may have left aside for a while now.

Around the 20th keep an eye on a project or similar that will stimulate your mind and that will favour your exchange of information with someone very well informed. Be open to learning from others.

You may have some unexpected opportunity; but you also have to be prepared in case there is an unforeseen event that you have not counted on and you are forced to look for a last minute solution.

Cancer love horoscope for February

You are definitely not one to stay in the corner, especially not this February and not when you fancy someone. You will be quite agitated, especially during the first two weeks but this is not something bad, not this month at least.

It seems that you really are forging your own opportunities and are not waiting for others but rather take charge. And your attitude is exactly what Venus wants to see from you, so surely you will be supported.

There may be some worries and some personal doubts creeping in, especially if you don’t seem to get the result you have been expecting straight away. This is due to Saturn’s activity, which might pressure you and might have your mind acting up during moments of loneliness.

But be careful about these behaviors, especially around the 16th, because they are in no way constructive.

During the second half of the month there may be some tensions in couples with a Gemini partner because people might not be so keen on listening and will only prefer to impose their own opinion.

Single natives may think they are off the hook but in fact this sensation of tension might surface in their lives as well, perhaps because they might experience some conflicting feelings and will not really know how to express them.

Money and career highlights

In the month of February, the astral energies of Cancer focus specifically on work and family issues, so this is what you will have activated this month.

This is an excellent time for small businesses, especially if you own your own. But if you are on the dreaded 9 to 5, don’t worry, because there are a few benefits to reap from this position too.

Around the 15th there are chances to impress someone, perhaps an investor, and this means that you will gain some interesting returns and even be able to take some plans of your off the ground.

Some Cancerians might even benefit from great advice, from a professional figure and will know for sure what their next steps should be.

Excellent conditions around the 20th for those who work in creative sectors and for those in the healthcare. It’s all about people and impressing them and you sure can do this.

Your health this February

It is evident that the hyperactivity that you will feel in February can come to take its toll, so be careful about your work life balance.

Manage your time better and delegate where possible. There is no need to reach burn-out because then you will be no good. Take your vitamins and your sleep and perhaps book a weekend break somewhere.

You might be surprised by the benefits of breaking your routine, even if only for a couple of days and even if you feel burdened by all the planning involved. Perhaps get someone else to plan it for you.

The month of February will give you even more strength to get used to a new life, a life based on good energies and positivity. Take joy in the small things and you will definitely feel more at peace, not to mention that this might banish any mild sleep issues you may have been suffering with recently.

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