Cancer Horoscope 2021: Key Yearly Predictions

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For Cancers, 2021 will be a year in which they’re focusing on friends and their future, a year of decisions when it comes to these matters. They may meet a person with the same interests as them, who will become their best friend.

All they need to do is to get out of their shell and be open to new people. Since they will want a lot to fly at new heights, their ambitions are going to be very strong.

Many opportunities will come their way for them to change their currency circumstances, yet they will also have more responsibilities.

It’s important they have a look over what they need in order to achieve their goals because 2021 will be favorable for them in this direction, especially if they want to extend their education or to make a good name for themselves.

Being sure that their home is secure and their family happy, they may succeed when it comes to other aspects of their life too. However, before they get to be satisfied with what’s going on with them at work or in their social life, they need to make sure everything is alright with their family.

For as long as Jupiter will transit through their solar 7th House, they will pay a lot of attention to partnerships. In case they happen to be single, they will be presented many opportunities for romance, not to mention they won’t be willing to make any compromise as far as love goes.

Their standards will be kept high, but at least they’ll have all the chances to meet someone who meets them. The partnerships they will already be involved in are going to start prospering, not to mention they’ll have enough reasons to offer their support to their loved ones.

This cycle is very much associated with advancements next to a partner. If they have started a partnership or collaborating with someone, they will achieve what they want from that connection.

Aside from all this, Cancerians will have a very busy social life, no matter if it’s about business or pleasure, just because their influence is going to be a supportive one. They should avoid being egocentric at all costs, as others may grow to be tired of them.

In case they have a problem with what the people they know think of them, they shouldn’t hesitate to ask for advice and support from time to time. Their position will be good if they want to assess where their competitors are standing and to meet the demands they’re required to fulfil, especially if their career has them being competitive.

They may realize that their old competitors are turning into allies too. The solar and lunar eclipses happening in 2021 will have them more eager to have balance between work and personal life because they may no longer take not giving importance to one of these life aspects.

It’s true the dilemma on how to do this will exist because if they’d decide to spend less time at work, the comfort of their family would be compromised, but they need to do something about it.

Therefore, they should set their priorities straight and see what their heart truly desires. Knowing what their needs are, they will be able to fulfil them, without caring what others may have to say.

Their family may play them a lot, not to mention they will be more interested in the traditions of their home. However, they will have to determine which one of these traditions honor them, also which ones allows them to grow from a personal point of view.

In case they’re the head of their family, they’ll come across new ways to make their loved ones happy while also paying attention to their own needs.

During the month of April and the one of October, the crisis situations at home will be at their highest peak for them. While the changes coming are sure to be positive, they will still face many difficulties and may need to be more responsible than ever.

What to keep in mind

Jupiter, the planet of luck, ends its 1-year tour of the Aquarius and enters Pisces, their solar 9th House, on January 17th, so Cancer natives should take advantage of this time period to travel and to broaden their horizons. They may need to be on the road for business, going to seminars and trainings. It’s not unlikely for them to be the teachers at these events too.

In the middle of September, they may meet someone who can help them a lot, something that will happen in their travels. This person will help them put their talents to user.

For career, 2021 wants of them to take advantage of any opportunity coming their way. They may get a preview of the year in the brief visit of Jupiter in Aries, their solar 10th House of career and social status, from June 5th until September 7th.

They should make sure they’re meeting with the right people and are using their reputation as much as possible, especially when it comes to career, as Jupiter is going to be in Pisces most of 2021. In case they don’t know how to do this, they should talk about it with a mentor.

Such a person could help them how to use their abilities to the maximum. Most of the year, Saturn is transiting Libra, their solar 4th House, but it also returns to their solar 3rd House from April 7th to July 20th, just to end its transit in Virgo.

For this transit, Cancers are given the opportunity to take care of 3rd House matters. They should make sure they solve all the problems they may have with their partner, siblings or neighbours.

Saturn is also going to align itself perfectly with Uranus in Pisces over their solar 3rd to 9th House axis. They should use this to settle legal matters, even if they’re not sure to achieve success.

At the same time, they should avoid as much as possible doing anything illegal. Saturn in Libra indicates their domestic responsibilities are going to increase, so in the next couple or more years, they may need to take care of an old relative, or perhaps one of their children will need to spend some time at home.

This means they need so set boundaries with the person they’re spending time with, but at the same time, be ready to make some compromises.

Cancer love horoscope 2021

Neptune and Uranus are very powerful planets that have been in the Cancer’s House of marriage for some years already, remaining year for more other years too.

In 2021, these planets will be in conjunction three times, something that happens very rarely. This will bring change, more ideals and events in the love life of Cancers. These rare conjunctions are meant for excitement, making Crabs’ relationships stimulating, surprising and even unstable.

Even business partnerships will be tested, with those that can no longer be corrected dissolving forever. There will also be the situation in which divorce is going to require natives to move to a new house.

Break ups won’t mean they’re flawed as far as love goes, just that they’re going through a more difficult time. Perhaps they have entered their marriage without knowing what’s going to happen after the wedding, or perhaps they haven’t realized there’s someone better for them out there.

In case they have settled for less in love, Neptune and Uranus are coming in 2021 to make justice. They may even meet someone who can fulfil their romantic dreams, which means they will no longer have to make any compromise in order to be in a relationship.

Single Cancers will have a 2021 filled with serious commitments, all while they will also probe and test the field to see what they really want from love. The married ones will experiment with the new in their marital connection.

They will discover that they can break rules and make new ones with their partner. All they have to do is make sure they’re aren’t destructive with their experiments.

What scares them may be to the liking of their other half, but this doesn’t mean they should go with it. It can be said that for them, 2021 will be a year in which they’re searching for perfection as far as love goes.

Cancer career horoscope 2021

When it comes to career, 2021 is going to be a good one for Cancers. They will progress at work, and if they happen to run their own business, they will make good money with it.

Some of them will learn how to earn extra income, not to mention all their professional projects will succeed.

Their financial situation will also be very good. The astral aspect in their 11th House indicates they will save as much as they want, so they should build their wealth up as much as possible in 2021. Big investments are also advised.

Cancer health in 2021

As far as health goes, that of Cancerians will be very good in 2021. Their mindset will be positive because Saturn and Jupiter will be in the ascendant. It’s important they try to eat well and do some yoga or meditation.

In case they have suffered from weather-related diseases in the past, these will go away this year. Some problems may appear from April 6th until September 14th, but they will rapidly recover.

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