Cancer Horoscope 2022: Key Yearly Predictions

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It’s typical for you to focus on others rather than on yourself. As a Cancer, you’re nurturing and don’t mind making sacrifices so that the people you love can fulfil their desires.

However, in 2022, you may overdo it with this. Those who are important in your life may be very needy, more than usually, and you will do more than your best to solve their problems.

This is not at all wrong if there weren’t be some people trying to take advantage of your good nature. These are the ones who may ask too much of you, so you may be put in front of some dilemmas, as you will know that you’re being used but at the same time want to help with whatever you can.

Therefore, the best approach for you in this situation would be to teach others how they can help themselves. Cancers are famous for not paying attention to themselves when trying to give a hand, so if you want to avoid being used, you need to be a teacher through the entire 2022.

This way, you will manage to complete your projects for the 1st and last year’s quarter, as Jupiter is going to give you a hand too. Starting with the 2nd quarter, your romantic life and relationships are going to bloom, being helped by Mars and Venus.

Jupiter will be there to assist you with making new friends whom you can use to achieve success. All in all, the year’s last quarter looks very promising. However, the 1st half of 2022 looks rather troubled.

At least you will solve your problem during the last 6 months. Your busines and profession sectors will require you to work harder than usual.

When it comes to health, it’s important you take your entire family to the doctor, especially your parents. You need to no longer be so kind this year, not even with the people you trust the most. Just be cautious with your health in case you’re not feeling so good.

Cancer Love Horoscope 2022

Your social and romantic life, together with your relationships, are most likely going to be dominated by a strong passion. Even in your daily life, you will be livelier than ever.

However, your social existence is going to have its ups and downs, Cancer. You will enlarge your circle of friends because you’re going to be more charismatic and energetic, also attracting a new and exciting life with your friends and the people you’re just knowing.

Most of your pals will be enthusiastic and excited to do what you like, not to mention they will help you their own methods to pursue your dreams. Furthermore, you will entice health-conscious people, even fitness gurus and doctors.

Cultured, educated and highly moral individuals will roam around you. Some Cancers that are single or whom never been married will be in an important romantic relationship in 2022.

Those of them who are married will have their conjugal circle of friends growing, whereas their marriage will be more romantic than ever. Crabs who want to get married for the 2nd time will have things going very easily for them.

If they decide to attend some closes in the mystical arts and music, they may meet someone special when they least expect it. Social gatherings and get together may turn for them into the most passionate encounters. It’s possible you will be more peaceful and less critical this year, so many members of the opposite sex will want you.

Those Cancers who already are in a serious relationship may discover life would be easier for them if they’d just marry their partner. At home, your spouse may be less controlling, never severe and possessing more self-esteem.

This means you won’t have a thing to worry about when it comes to your married life. On the other hand, you need to tell your husband or wife to be more careful with money.

Cancers working on their 3rd relationship or marriage may face some difficulties because status quo is going to reign for them this year. You will have your love needs and opportunities changing during Venus’s transit.

Your romantic relationship or the one with your siblings, both likely to have been chaotic and stormy lately, are going to become more peaceful starting with April.

Single siblings may ask your advice on love matters, whereas married ones will have a pleasant year as far as love goes. Many of you Cancers will want to meet love at work or in your social circle. It will almost feel as if this is crucial for you.

Some of you, especially those who are more worldly at their job, are going to realize a work relationship can greatly help you advance in your career. Networking is very important for your profession this year.

However, make sure you don’t allow the social whirlpool in which you’re caught up to demand too much of you. Don’t renounces your personal freedom and talents just to satisfy your lover or spouse.

Burdened by your social existence, you may end up physically exhausted, so do your best to avoid this situation. Make plans according to how good you’re feeling and don’t go over your physical boundaries.

Don’t lose nights just to go out. At the same time, don’t spend too much energy trying to help your buddies or partner, especially if you know these people in your life wouldn’t do the same for you.

Cancer Career Horoscope 2022

You need to make long-term investments because Saturn may put limitations to your fast gains. Therefore, have a conservative approach to money. At the same time, take advantage of Saturn’s power to become more athletic.

Just spend a few hours during the weekend taking a walk or going to the gym. Uranus is going to continue its trio of many years through the sign of Aries. Being the planet that brings the most surprises, it’s going to make changes in your career, either this year or later.

It’s also very likely you have been going through these changes in the last 2 years too. While you may feel disrupted by these changes, Uranus is encouraging you to notice how advantaged you’re going to be, both in the present and in the future.

If you reinvent yourself and your career, you can end up being financially secure. The career opportunity you were expecting may appear during the month of May or in July.

Before becoming too optimistic about it and making a decision, make sure you’re weighing all the pros and cons that come with a new job. It would also be a good idea to ask for your friends’ advice, as this may help you feel protected in your line of work, not to mention it may bring you a small but important advancement.

The planet Neptune is going to end its transit in Aquarius, which it’s your 8th Solar House, on February 2nd. After, it enters Pisces.

During the time it spends in Aquarius, your financial situation, especially the one of joint resources, is being influenced in a positive manner, so make sure to take care of the problems you had with money during the past year.

For example, communicate with those who have lend you money and pay back loans. Neptune entering Pisces, which is your 9th Solar House, on February 3, is going to influence you to complete your studies, get some training or a degree you’ve been dreaming.

If you won’t do this in 2022, then when Neptune will contact your Sun, you will surely get to it. However, in spite of being very smart and knowledgeable, you will still have to work very hard to obtain a diploma.

Pluto will continue to advance in the sign of Capricorn, which is your 7th Solar House of relationships, making changes in this sector and having people leaving your life.

Some of those who will decide to go will be the ones who lifted your spirits, whereas the others will be those who always brought you down with their need to be controlling.

You will learn from all of them what your role in any relationship is. Wanting to have a better relational lifestyle, you will want to put distance between you and some.

Pluto in this sector of your relationships will focus more on you than on anyone else. This planet’s transit will be beneficial for you because it will make you more self-aware of what works best for you and not for the people in your life.

Social Life Predictions for the Crab

In 2022, Jupiter is going to give you the opportunity to develop your skills and to function at your best. It will change your entire existence by bringing your new opportunities, friends and proposals.

Then, Neptune will inspire you to have the best ideas. Wanting to live differently, you will take the initiative in any situation, and this will increase your possibilities of succeeding.

However, starting with May 11th and until October 28th, the planet Jupiter located in the sign of Aries will have your questioning everything. You either need to be very courageous and take your life into your own hands, or you just need to wait until after that date.

If you want to be understood and to change things, just dare to defend yourself and to take action when working hard to complete your projects and stand by the principles you believe in.

Cancer Health in 2022

As far as health goes, the year’s beginning doesn’t look very good, as you may have some problems as a result of the weather changing. This is because Jupiter will be in your 8th House. Just improve your eating and daily habits.

For example, exercise and practice yoga out in the open air. Don’t allow yourself to be tensioned, no matter what rival or economic situation you may be dealing with.

During the year’s last half, you will be in much better health and have positive thoughts because there’s a beneficial planet in aspect on Ascendant. Take part in religious activities if you want to feel mentally satisfied.

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