Cancer January 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2015-12-21, 2524 views

Love life is in the spotlight this beginning of the year but you are set to learn more about yourself rather than actually live any extraordinary adventures or too romantic times.

Given the current alignments you will kind of crave for those around you to convince you that some things are worth fighting for and maybe that you are made for them.

It is not that you don’t necessarily trust yourself but in one of your usual moments of low you will require repeated reassurance before you even set yourself to move a finger.

Accepting weaknesses or not

You’ll have time to test the waters the first week of January but after that, starting the 10th, if I were you, I would be very careful to what I am promising and on what kind of papers I am putting my signature on.

Especially at work, do expect some difficult tasks or situations you haven’t prepared for. In case you don’t remember, instead of giving it a try, maybe leaving your pride aside and asking for help will do you good.

This reluctance in accepting weakness is some other force trait that you will have to beat this month as it seems you will meet several situations on the same pattern and you will have to choose between risk or asking for help.

However, so that everything runs smoothly you’ll need some planning and you’ll need to have this in place long before the agitation starts. Don’t count on anyone you don’t know that well and don’t set too high expectations.

Impulses that are hard to handle

You’ll also have to decide where you stand in certain partnerships and which are your boundaries, your family life might also require some compromises from you and there is need to align those interests before anything else occurs.

Mercury wants to see you travel but I’m not very sure that in the first half of the month you will have the pleasure and the mood to actually go through all the trouble just to get out of routine.

Around the middle of the month you will perceive some changes in the dynamic of your relationships and how you work with certain people, on one hand you will prove to be wise enough to read between the lines in some situations while on the other, there will be some moments when your emotions will overwhelm you and your impulses will take over.

You’ll be able to clarify some things from the past that are still lingering but don’t imagine you’ll get away with too much drama though.

Your favorite topic

Feel free to express yourself but remember there are some limits and these go up until your actions negatively impact others. Be careful not to do anyone any injustice because although smaller inconvenient might be forgotten, this won’t be that easily surpassed.

At the same time, allow time to set clear terms, perhaps in writing or else you won’t feel on solid grounds.

Having your mind occupied with people is your cup of tea so the likelihood is that you won’t be too impacted in case things are becoming increasingly busy at work again and you’ll even browse through tasks with a smile on your face.

Mars does allow you to show your real potential and to use your ingenuity for a greater good, unlike what happened at the beginning of the month.

Romance is on its way

Prepare for some romance starting with the 20th but don’t get your hopes too high necessarily because there will be need for several things to align so you can truly enjoy yourself.

On one hand you are too preoccupied with what others are doing and how to combat gossip and on the other you don’t seem too interested in your partner’s feelings, something that will be easily observed by anyone, not to mention the person in cause.

What might also happen, given the Sun Mars trine, is that you will find yourself all of a sudden highly motivated by a certain subject or plan and you will try to do everything in your power to pursue it. In case you need to convince an audience about it, be sure you will have all the arguments ready lined in your mind.

Remember however, that body language is just as essential as what you are saying because you will tend to overlook all these small details in the heat of the moment.

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