Cancer January 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-12-21, 3751 views

The way you interact with others, whether we are talking about work or personal relationships will be in the spotlight this January. Responsibilities are heightened and you might feel that the wellbeing of someone dear depends on you, perhaps more than usual.

You dream vividly and in some cases, are quite scared of what your mind is capable of producing. This should get you more in touch with your creative side.

Curious and quick to jump at any chance, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of work you willingly signed up for. Some previous professional choices may be put in balance and you might try and reorganize your schedule to match this.

January 2017 won’t come up with instant changes but you are allowed to prepare for them. But only if you manage to leave emotional situations aside and not let them decide the road you are taking.

How you take things

Sun in conjunction with Pluto brings even more steam in the area of emotions and will see you get troubled even by the smallest of gestures. You feel the need to be in control and in order to achieve this, you feel that you have to know the meaning behind everything that is going on.

You interpret and reinterpret the reactions of those around you but given how involved you are, it doesn’t seem like you are doing too good of the job.

And somewhere deep inside you know this and it adds to the frustration. But you don’t seem to see another way so prefer to go ahead with this one.

Travel opportunities but only very close to home so don’t imagine you have to pack a suitcase. Some natives will enjoy their accomplishments because they need some reason to celebrate while others will prefer to overlook them because they don’t see them as celebration worthy.

When to stop

Mercury retrograde is looking deeper into what you have been doing for the past few months and might show you how that turned out.

It will give you a sense of what went all right and what didn’t. But the only word of caution in this regard is to not get too hooked on past mistakes because you will be prevented from moving forward.

Some heated debates might take place in the office because of something someone has said and although that person is no longer in the conversation, everyone keeps fighting over that. If you don’t stop, this might transform into a full blown conflict.

Sensitive enough

Some natives may take place to a personal event, perhaps a celebration in someone else’s family like a wedding or something similar. You will need to prepare with an adequate gift and this will take a lot more time than initially expected.

For others, romance will overcome the boundaries of a work relationship and they might find themselves dating a colleague or who knows, a boss.

Communication is essential during such times but you might find that at times, leaving some things hanging proves to be easier.

This shouldn’t however be the case at home, especially with your partner hunting for any of your mistakes, just for the sake of proving that they are right and you are wrong.

What you want

The last week of the month will bring with itself some sort of financial situation, perhaps you are faced with past debt or need to borrow money now. You don’t need to be too dramatic about all of this because you will ruin your focus.

Some may say that what happens this month dictates the way this whole year is going to be and if you judge by that, it will be a rollercoaster. I would say that you are safer to bet on your decisions.

In particular cases, natives will have to separate themselves from the family for a while, especially the young ones who are yet to find their own way. Feel free to step out of any situations that puts unwanted pressure on you.

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