Cancer January 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-12-28, 3388 views

It seems that the very first days of January are going to favor endeavors that pertain to your love life and to the relationship you have with young people in your life.

You might want to be careful about going on dates and about the expectations you are creating regarding people, in order to avoid getting disappointed. There is a lot of good energy around you but it seems that you are allowing yourself to get distracted needlessly.

Some natives will find an escape in work challenges and will even take more work on board. You are a bit difficult when it comes to requests from other people, especially if you don’t have a good relationship with them to begin with.

Challenging times

It seems that the peak of challenges will be during the first week of January, perhaps because you will take the return to work quite hard.

You are putting a distance between yourself and your partner for a bit, perhaps because you want to focus on work.

This on the other hand, will mean that you will put pressure on yourself too, to achieve the best you can. It appears that after the 10th, things are going to run a lot smoother, perhaps you will even end up traveling somewhere nice.

Communications will improve, perhaps because you know exactly what you want to obtain so you will be more concise. Some natives will want to experiment in love and will ask their partners some very difficult questions.


After the 15th, you will be in slow motion, perhaps because you will be afraid of making mistakes. There may be a risk of misunderstandings, like cancelled meetings and so on, but this shouldn’t put you off trying new activities.

This insecurity of yours will also be coupled with your need to be in control, meaning that the end result will be a very stressed you.

It seems that you will have examples of how to be right next to you and even your work colleagues will try to relax you. Some natives will temper themselves with predictable activities and with tasks they are very good at and will avoid altogether, anything that may spark controversy.

Luckily, in time, you will be more and more meticulous about small tasks and will manage to rebuild your confidence, something you often do.

Nostalgic times

You are going to talk a lot about the past during the third week of January, especially because your family or just your partner, are going to be very curious. And you can’t resist any invites to storytelling.

The only word of caution regarding this has to do with the fact that you are going to turn very emotional and will probably let yourself ruled by nostalgia for a couple of days, totally unnecessary.

This will remind you about past fantasies and things you wanted to accomplish when you were younger and you will feel that your time has passed, regardless of your current age.

Good news however, if you snap out of this, the stars promise you that all your plans will be granted, no matter how complicated they may be.

What you want

It’s all about romance during the last week of January, especially because you are trying to make up for some lost time or to turn your partner’s attention from some recent disappointments of yours.

Venus is going to make you very attentive to details and you will love rules all of sudden. However, this doesn’t mean that in love, you will have any boundaries.

On the contrary, you are here to get everything that your heart desires and will not look back.

Such carefree behavior will help you release a lot of the stress you accumulated and will help you start February in a great disposition.

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