Cancer January 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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This January, every Cancer can expect harmony when it comes to relationships. If there are some minor disputes between you and someone close, they will be resolved quickly.

Throughout the month, you'll also enjoy good health, it's enough if you give prevention measures their rightful place. A good and very simple way to relax for you is to have a warm bath during this period.

Take advantage of the stabilizing influence of Saturn to match all your advantages and deepen your relationships before leaving for new adventures.

A special aspect of the month for you takes place on the 5th, when Mercury enters your opposite sign, Capricorn. This is an aspect that will make you more pragmatic in communication in the coming weeks, meaning that you will not use too many words, but will rather let the facts speak.

Also, your communication and socialization skills can become a business card that will give you access to select circles where important decisions are made. It is for this very reason that you should weigh carefully what we say and think about, this period.

Important to note

The star configuration of the first week of January values ​​your most official ties so it is a good time to get married as to ask for a promotion or to associate with a stable and reliable partner.

Relationships forged during this period have all the opportunities to last and your exchanges with superiors are probably gratifying.

Towards the end of the month, you will undoubtedly be moved by unexpected events but instead of dramatizing and maintaining lunatic and maladaptive reactions, try to catch the opportunities that this represents.

There may be a particular occasion to listen to your intuition and that should help you make excellent investments, both financial and sentimental.

Cancer love horoscope for January

The month begins seriously: with all expectations being in the promises, the commitments, for some even in marriage. The couples settle down, make their nest, others aspire to share their daily life with serenity and security. There is a lot of sensuality in the air of the first week of January.

If you are in a couple, this beginning of the year is perfect to settle comfortably in the long term, whether it is to organize your daily life or to do renovation work, decoration or a real estate purchase with your significant other. A lot of intuition at the beginning of the month, a lot of will later, it's a good combination to follow through.

If you are single, you could wreck hearts during the first week of the year because your seduction is renewed by the presence of Venus in Scorpio. Towards the end of the month, you must adapt to sometimes destabilizing means, but they hide interesting relationships that you would not suspect otherwise.

For all natives, January is the month of new purposes, of the beginnings and of starting a new stage with hope, and that is what Cancer is going to experience since the beginning of the year.

It is a time when in social relationships and with your loved ones, you will feel full and happy. The plans will never be lacking, and you will make new friendships that will complete them.

Money and career at the start of the year

The labor field was not going to be less than the other areas of your life this January, and it is that Cancer is going to be in one of the best stages of their life where the only thing that will worry them will refer to the image they portray to others.

You will be very fixated, especially towards the end of the month, on how others perceive you and you will try to get as much feedback as possible.

In the work place you will receive recognition from superiors and that will make you resplendent and wanting to go further to work. It is a period in which the effort made recently finally sees the light and with important rewards, some that were never imagined.

The finances, although they seem to be stagnating, will be favored from the second half of the month onwards.

But you should be enjoying the stability, which is likely due to good management of your financial resources and the efforts you have put in, perhaps even the results of some overtime. The work done will bear fruits, be sure of this.

Your health this January

Although you are usually one of the signs that are taking care of themselves, some changes are expected from you as well, if you don’t want to encounter any setbacks.

Some digestive problems here and there might prevent you from being as active as you would wish but there is nothing major to worry about.

You will have to take care to dress appropriately for the cold temperatures and thus avoid catching a cold. However, you should not obsess either, as you tend to make the right choices.

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