Cancer January 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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These Water natives will have a very difficult year’s beginning. Cancers are sensitive by nature, so even the smallest problem bothers them greatly.

January is going to challenge them from an emotional point of view, as in they may go through a breakup or get dismissed at work. While such things will bring you down, keep in mind pain brings positive changes, so nothing works against you, but more likely in your benefit.

Know that you will laugh at yourself now later. In relationships, Cancers can expect harmony and nothing else during January. In case they’re having some minor conflicts with their other half, these will immediately get solved.

This month will also bring them good health, but this doesn’t mean they can do whatever they want or not relax from time to time.

January 2021 Highlights

As far as work goes, January will be great for Cancers, who will develop and expand as a result of Saturn’s influence. The entire year will be favorable for Cancers, and in many life areas.

This will be noticed from the beginning of the year, when they will feel like success is coming their way no matter what they may be doing.

Opportunities for traveling will arrive, and in case they don’t have a partner yet, they will find someone. The fact that their professional life is getting better and better won’t cease to amaze them.

The aspiration they have been postponing for a while will materialize, all because Saturn is in harmony with their sign, not only in January, but also during the next months.

However, the hostility of Mars will still cause them problems and different misunderstandings with family and friends. Those Cancers with a good sense of humor will manage to defeat this influence and sort out all their business endeavors.

Cancer Love Horoscope for January

In January, some Cancers may feel like their partner doesn’t understand them. The fact that they always need someone to guess what they’re thinking and to be supported will have them closing themselves to others even more than they used to.

They should know that such an attitude doesn’t solve problems, so they must open up, communicate and analyze together with their partner what makes their relationship be difficult. Those of them who are single will need to wait.

There are two distinct periods this month. The first lasts until the 9th, whereas the other begins on the 10th and ends on the 31st. During the 1st period, you should see the sweetness of your everyday life if you want to consume your energy.

Marriage looks harmonious, as Mars and Venus are pampering you, increasing your libido and desire to remain committed. Mercury and the Sun in Capricorn, your conjugal area, also in harmony with you, are encouraging you to see your partner as an accomplice.

Starting with the 10th and until the 31st, Venus has you evoking commitment and being head over hills in love, whereas Mars in Taurus makes you more sensual. Marriage will feel easy and as a relationship of complicity.

You have great chance to meet someone, as Venus in Capricorn mirrors you, facilitating a meeting you have been waiting for. Mars will increase your carnal desires from the 7th until the 31st, and especially when you’re among friends. Don’t be shy and doubtful. Go for what you want.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Luckily, Jupiter and Pluto will be transiting from Sagittarius into Cancer’s 6th House of professional life and work. This is why Cancers will be more self-confident and increase their chances to get promoted.

They may also be given extra compensation for their efforts. All in all, they will get recognition at work, and this only because they have worked hard, especially in January.

Your Wellbeing This Month

The perfect way for you to start 2021 is to make order in your diet and to no longer eat or drink what’s unhealthily. Venus transiting your House of health will turn any diet you may want to follow into a success.

Cancers who will change their eating habits for the better this month will feel great from a physical, mental and spiritual point of view. They should consume as many fruits and vegetables as possible, also drink plenty of water.

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