Cancer July 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-06-23, 3954 views

A month of empathy ahead of you so it might be a good idea to lock your feelings away and look outside for a bit. You are radiant and keeping a good energy but this also transforms you into quite a boastful persona and there are boundaries you should set up before reaching that position where you become irritating.

The first week seems to be very sociable, you tend to leave your worries aside and have a genuinely good time with friends and perhaps meet with new people.

However, there may be some clouds of shadow, most having to do with the fact that you tend to overreact and perhaps you need to put some boundaries before yourself so you know when it’s time to stop.

What you win

Take advantage of this good mood though because it might help you with your personal plans as well. Seeing everyone in a good place and then thinking of yourself highly will help you keep motivated for longer.

At the same time, it might be an occasion to look closer into your friendships, perhaps see which of your friends needs your help and whichever has distanced from you.

You are also invited to take back control in some aspects of your home life, perhaps finally get organized, run those errands you’ve been postponing and, who knows, maybe cook something delicious for those dear to you.

Where there will be changes

Mars is moving direct for you now and it seems to bring a lot of sexual energy and makes you be a lot more explicit of what you want. This combined with Venus announces that your love life will govern your thoughts and maybe make you do something crazy.

You are seductive by nature but perhaps you need to tone it down with those who don’t know you too well or else you will appear to be quite desperate.

This whole disposition offers direct opportunities of all sorts, especially because of the good karma you keep around. Beware of the Sun though because it might not benefit your skin if you expose too much to it.

Another word of advice would be to take better care of what you eat but at the same time not refrain too much from particular foods because this will frustrate you and you won’t be able to focus.

Behave yourself

The second half of the month seems to come with a lesson or two about the consequences of past choices, some that have led you to good places, others that have proven mistaken.

Things are not that simple at work either because you tend to get in trouble easily, most likely because of something you said or because of the way you treat your colleagues. You tend to leave all diplomacy aside just to make things come true.

But apparently this is not the way to go and your superiors are going to be less than impressed. This is another area of your life where you need to be observant of those around and act according to their mood. A bit of manipulation here and there won’t do any harm.

There is good news here though when it comes to money because they tend to follow. At the same time Mercury will probably step in with some eloquence to help you out when you really are in need.

What are you asking for?

As the end of the month approaches, you seem to be able to accomplish some more tasks and squeeze in some events as well. Some natives might return to their friends while others might have to deal with a more select company, perhaps pertaining to the office.

There may be some moments of doubting yourself and unfortunately you won’t have anyone to comfort and reassure you. The results of what you are doing now are soon to be uncovered so there isn’t much wait before you can finally say if you did the right thing.

A closer look into your finances will help you settle better for the following month and maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pay any debt you have in advance, if possible.

Some health issues pertaining mostly to age are going to cloud your skies but shouldn’t put you off track entirely.

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