Cancer July 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-06-25, 3863 views

This is going to be a social July but it seems that you are enjoying all the perks but don’t let yourself distracted from your own goals. You are very productive at work, especially when it comes to learning new things and might even get on board with a challenge you would otherwise flee from.

Also, you will be more organized with your time, which means that you won’t feel as much pressure as you normally do. Some natives will even organize a get together for friends and will take care of absolutely all details.

But the major accomplishment of your work life will have to do with the fact that you will tend to work better with others and will actually prefer to be surrounded by people.

Enjoying your popularity

The first few days will see a surge in your popularity, something that will surprise you and at first you won’t know how to take advantage of this and will feel more pressure than you should. As things progress you will probably understand that this is happening because you are being very attentive with people and are open to what they have to say.

There is no need to jump to everyone’s rescue to keep your popular profile. You can still say no and make sure you have time for yourself. Beware of getting involved in activities that you have little control over and that span on a couple of days because these risk to overwhelm you.

Be prepared with loads of excuses and gifts for time you don’t spend at home because you have to work late or because you are out with friends because not everyone in the family will be accommodating with your newly found popularity.

Troubles in love

And since we are talking about downsides to your attractiveness, it seems that your love life is also suffering, either that your partner is not very happy with you, or because, as a single native, you seem to attract the wrong kind of people.

At first you won’t seem to mind all this but after a day or two, you get to realize and start to feel as if you are missing out on something. This is a great occasion to start balancing things in the direction you really want them.

Some natives might come across some harsh truths about their lives, said by someone dear, and this will make them think further. Some expectations you have in love are going to turn out to be slightly exaggerated.

A lot of responsibilities

Professionally speaking things are not looking bad at all during the second half of July but at the same time you might have to step up your responsibilities. Luckily, this doesn’t mean more time spent at work but it does mean that you won’t really be staying in your comfort zone anymore.

You are very much involved with detailed aspects of a project and you will have the occasion to direct others as to what needs to be done.

Don’t be too excited about this leadership position you are assuming because it will only be temporary and might still cause some discussions with people.

Around the 24th, it might be time for a health check-up and you should be very careful about excesses of all sorts. If things don’t go right with that one, you might have the pressure of your family on your back, something you sure don’t want to.

Fun at home

The last week of July is going to be quite exciting, especially in terms of what happens at home. There are occasions for fun with those close to you, especially for natives with young children.

Those who are about to go on a holiday will probably get a sense of what will happen there and can mentally prepare for the chaos.

Although you might be kept busy dealing with the “results” of too much family fun, there will also be a priceless feeling of home stability and love that will fill your heart.

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