Cancer July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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For everyone else, the middle of the summer is a time for relaxation and for fun but if you really want to take advantage of this time, then you should be focused on self-development. Occasions to improve yourself will be plenty this July, most of them at your fingertips.

And the best news is that most of these will not involve expenses or too much effort from your side. You also seem to be on a very good communication connection with your family and should continue to nurture that.

By understanding who you really are in relation to those dear to you, you open a new channel of knowing yourself.

Take advantage of the new Moon for starting any new projects or anything that you have on your mind but be patient because most of these will not take place overnight.

You will not need to work in a practical sense but most certainly a lot of thinking will take place.

Personal finances may also be in the focus this July but it seems that you are not very concerned. And the less attention you appear to give to this domain, the better the results, this of course, if you don’t go spend it all on an impulse shopping spree.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Sun trine Jupiter aspect forming on the 5th will bring a well-deserved relief to your social life and the way you interact with your friends will be facilitated. There will be a few days full of activities.

An ethical attitude

The Sun trine Neptune aspect debuting on the 8th will ensure you abandon any trace of selfishness residing in you and will make you rather empathic. You will be able to connect with others at a higher level, especially in moments of hardship.

This is a great moment to spend time to comfort people in suffering and to set up humanitarian goals for yourself and perhaps even involve your friends.

There is also an emotional price to pay but you are likely not going to feel this too much, because of the enthusiasm you are feeling at the thought of how much good you are imparting.

This is essentially an aspect of strong faith and morals and will transform you, even if only for a couple of days, in a very ethical person.

On top of this, there is a novelty seeking aspect as well, the Venus trine Uranus one, which will also help with your humanitarian endeavours because you will be very inclined to finding new ways to help your peers.

For some natives, this will also have a romantic effect, making them more open to experimentation between the sheets and more willing to explore their own sexuality.


Watch out! The Solar Eclipse on the 12th will mark some feelings of restriction and limitation, perhaps as your earlier enthusiasm wears off and you understand that reality is rather harsher than this.

Some natives may be experiencing some feelings of guilt and shame, as they reminisce something they have done in the past.

There will be this need to come to terms with past events, also promoted by the Venus trine Saturn aspect occurring on the 14th.

You may feel that in order to free yourself and be able to enjoy your life close to your loved one, you need to move away from something you are not very proud of from your past.

On a good note, existing relationships are not going to be tormented by such emotions and on the contrary, will be further strengthened by small events taking place these days.


TOP TIP of the month: Long-lasting soulmate connections are likely to be revealed, even in people whom have already been in a relationship for years but didn’t really feel that strongly for each other.

A social life

There may be some social activities linked to work that are going to keep you rather busy around the 18th and you are going to be very happy to spend time preparing for them.

You are not going to neglect domestic aspects however and you are going to show, on this occasion, just how resourceful you are and, how amazing you are at multitasking.

The Venus Neptune opposition on the 24th will turn your attention towards the bohemian side of life and you will be more drawn to the artsy type of people. Music, theatre and visual arts will be on the radar and you will end up being more social than ever.

This may however put a dent in your budget and you may end up feeling ashamed with yourself for indulging, especially if that money had a different destination. But at least you will get to enjoy the experiences at their fullest.


Enhance! You may also be fascinated with the life of someone close, who is perhaps an artist, and will ensure you spend more time in their company and, of course, in the company of their talented and nonconformist friends.

The Venus trine Pluto on the 27th will spike the very last few days of July and you may end up being involved in an affair or some other temptation.

Details of this are going to easily surface because you are not going to be very discrete so just consider yourself warned.

This is an aspect that adds intensity in the workplace as well and whilst you may keep romance out of it, there may still be some banter and some heated discussions. This may raise some eyebrows but your behaviour is not going to be out of the ordinary in any way.

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