Cancer July 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Try to be as observant as possible this July, dear Cancer, because your attention will be drawn to what is really important for you.

Spend more time with those dear and have a bit of a think about what aspects of your life you may have been neglecting recently.

This month doesn’t see major progress with work but can bring your domestic life to bliss. You are also very cautious about some life change you have been planning for a long time but be sure that, whatever is meant to happen, will happen, at some point or another.

You could also spend your time on personal development - physical and mental so it should be a fairly good summer month for you.

In terms of your relationship, you may find that your partner is beyond supportive with you but at the same time, you don’t want to abuse their patience either.

Don’t settle and don’t make compromises if your heart is not in that place and make sure you are benefiting from all the help that is around you.

Count on happiness and put yourself first from time to time, at any price, and that, in the end, will prove to be a good thing. If initially it seems a balance, with time passing it will be a blessing.

This month, you may not excel financially but you adapt quickly and you know how to handle any situation you are put in. Pay attention to any unnecessary sources of stress because these might give you an actual headache.

July highlights

The month appears to start with you spending a little uncontrollably, perhaps because you are trying to quench some frustrations with material goods. Perhaps it’s also time to look at the deeper issue and start making the right choices.

Luckily, throughout the first half of July, your charisma is going to save you from any difficult situations. Just a battling of eyelashes and some well-crafted words, and you will be off the hook in no time.

Around the middle of July you may also need to round your resources for an important decision. It is something you have long waited for and now it is finally happening. Unlike on other occasions, you have no doubts or worries about this.

You are even ready with all the right people around you, so everything should go smoothly. Around the 23rd, you may hear some news from abroad, news that will brighten up your mood for a couple of days, even.

Towards the end of the month you will be all up to business and will prefer to invest your time in your endeavors, as opposed to wasting it. You will even consider a bit of relaxation as wasting time, so you need to be careful not to overexert yourself.

Cancer love horoscope for July 2019

The Sun Eclipse on July 2nd predisposes you to changes in your own attitude, especially in the love territory. It is possible to start a new diet, to be more concerned with the way you look, dress up, eventually give up a vice that has been creating health problems for some time. All of this to impress a love interest or to sweep your lover off their feet.

The July 16th Moon Eclipse helps you end a relationship that has created over time a lot of problems, frustrations, feelings of unfulfillment.

Perhaps for some, it is time to step down a bit and be on their own for a while. It is recommended that you reconsider the other relations in your life, creativity, a hobby, a relationship with your own child.

After the 25th, a love of the past can now reappear in your life by disturbing your mental and emotional balance.

Particular attention is required in the relationship of marriage, especially around the 28th, when all sorts of obstacles, quarrels, jealousy, deception, there is a predisposition to breaking very important promises.

Career progress this month

It appears like the Solar Eclipse of the 2nd will impact on the collaborations you have set up and might shed some light onto some intricacies of your financial position too. You are rather dependent on someone else and are waiting to clarify certain things, perhaps aspects that could give you a little bit more freedom.

Some natives will also feel like they have their hands tied in their current employment so might start looking for a new challenge. Everyone needs to be careful, because, at the end of the day, it is all reflect in the income.

During this time, important financial decisions are to be avoided because you lack objectivity. On the other hand, mismanagement of resources may give you the feeling that you do not have enough money.

Reality is different and the gains are there, you just need to look at them from the right perspective and also adjust your expectations.

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