Cancer July 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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For Cancer, in July there is a need to filter couple’s matters and partnerships through cold reason, so as to reveal which of them are viable. You may be given the opportunity to clarify some communications and to solve tangled financial problems.

This month, some natives will move to the new house and will have a lot to do with the arrangements and move. Because they have spent a lot of money lately, it is possible that at the end of July they will find that they do not even have any money left aside. But they are lucky with the family members who will help them with the money they need until they can get back on their feet.

Professional life is enjoying success this month. Thus, you work harder than usual, but you manage to complete everything you set out to do. In addition, the efforts you make do not go unrewarded.

July 2020 highlights

July will convince Cancer natives that they are able to perfectly manage a team of people who have the same goal. You will excel at work, others will feel a great authoritarian energy coming from you and your mind will overflow with ideas.

Remember or keep track of your thoughts, they may be useful to you later. However, do not forget to take care of your health, because during this period you will feel your immune system weakened. If you include more fresh foods in your diet, your body will surely thank you.

Every Cancer should turn their attention to a different aspect of their life. Spend some time with your family, think a little and you may find that you have neglected them a little. You could also spend time for personal development - physical and mental.

Advice for key dates in July:

Around the 4th: Enjoy the cool down and the relaxed vibe in your relationships.

Around the 9th: You may find it a little hard to cope with certain responsibilities.

Around the 15th: Don’t feel overwhelmed by what others are doing, you have your own pace.

Around the 21st: Hone your communication and people skills as much as possible.

Around the 28th: Don’t let one discussion change the mood of the entire day.

Cancer love horoscope for July

Love seems to be shaken by radical transformations or crucial decisions ...This month's emotional earthquakes can lead to either the break-up or the strengthening of couple relationships.

A fragile relationship between two, maybe even toxic, can no longer withstand dramatic attempts. However, if you have a life partner, it is necessary to stop your egocentrism, your pride, to try to see if you have wronged him or her in any way.

You have to take into account their aspirations to a greater extent, to appeal to compromises, even sacrifices, in order to rebuild the attachment between you two.

In case you are alone in love, you have to get rid of a feeling of boundless loneliness, eternal, unjustified by nothing, and be more receptive, bolder than an adventure that may be about to take root. Get out of your shell!

Career horoscope

Right at the start of the month, the Sun in conjunction with Mercury and in sextile with Uranus takes you out of your usual routine, gives you more work than usual, but you consistently benefit only from new ventures, actions that allow you to express your independence and highlight your originality, what sets you apart from others.

Under the vibrations of the full Moon in Capricorn, on July the 5th, an obstacle arising in a friendship or partnership, makes you consider re-examining your feelings. You can't stop communicating your feelings with an overflowing honesty, which can shock or upset some, but all this evil is for the better because it shows you who you can trust, and who you can't!

The square between Mercury and Mars on the 8th charges you impulsively, causes you to attack frontally anything or anyone you don't particularly like or agree with. The tendency to rush feverishly into action can make you neglect significant details of your business.

You are freeing yourself from the stress accumulated lately. Although you can easily understand your personal strengths, you may be forced to get involved in fierce duels with people who stubbornly oppose you.

The new Moon occurring on the 20th in your sign, requires you, through confusing circumstances, to put your life in order. Instead of worrying about what others think of you, you'd better review your ideals and strengthen your emotional security.

Although you may be crossed by some frustrations, this way you can understand more clearly what is accessible to you, it is possible for you. A life lesson some time towards the end of the month seems to suggest what you need to do to hone your leadership skills.

Your wellbeing this month

Interaction with people who are much different from you stimulates your thinking, especially around the 22nd when Mercury is placed in sextile with Uranus. You can, in this way, expand your perspectives on your world and your being, be inspired to engage in extremely promising initiatives.

The end of the month is under the sign of Mercury in opposition to Jupiter and in the trine with Pluto. You are ambitious enough to penetrate the core of things, to put aside the veil of appearances. You know how to say the right words at the right time, and you have access to a wealth of information that can confuse you if you don't prioritize it.

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