Cancer June 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-05-21, 3637 views

Some questions might remain unanswered this June, something that of course will set your nerves on fire and you will be ready to snap at any time. While those close to you might be able to see this coming, others won’t be so quick to pick on the signs, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you will actually have a few outbursts in key moments.

The first weekend of the month might bring some occasions to go out and perhaps you will be quite excited about this at first.

But eventually all the moodiness and comfort will gain you over and not only that you won’t have a good time but you also risk ruining the disposition of those with you as well. Be warned about this and either admit you are at your best to go out or if you do it, be pleasant for the sake of others.

Springing into action

Around the middle of the month it seems that your creativity is waking up and you are making all kinds of scenarios, some which are actually quite productive and might lead to interesting results. But of course you are too lazy to go ahead with them and you prefer to sit and dream on.

Something good does come out of this, especially if you can put your mind into action if someone asks you for help and you will be able to provide them with constructive advice.

Some personal revelation might come out of this as well but it is not yet the time to put things in order so you will postpone this for later.

Venus will also contribute to the daze upon you and will probably change your focus towards your love life, another weak point of yours.

Some exaggeration and deceit

You have some tendency to indulge and overestimate your abilities but this doesn’t lead to major incidents because overall you tend to know when to stop. It is not the same with money and around the 20th you might get ahead of yourself and make a purchase that you will kind of end up regretting.

Some personal test might come from your love interest, especially in the lies of the single natives who are challenged as to the extent of their feelings.

Again, you might have a tendency to overreact just to make sure you are on the good side but the warning for you is to not fake anything because time is your worst enemy in this scenario and the bitterness upon any lies being uncovered will be too much.

A detached attitude

The third week of the month will unleash more frustration from your side but this time you seem to act quite grown up about it and temper yourself. An interesting way by which you might choose to blow off the steam could be by increasing your working hours.

Some personal beliefs are surfacing at the moment and you would have a lot of things to say about the situation in your family life but you seem quite detached about it and prefer to let things unravel. The good news is that this attitude seems to relieve stress on your side.

This month’s birthday people also seem to be going through a harder time than usual and rather refuse to accept the passage of time. Some might be concerned about parties and celebrations but the majority just want to see the day go past really quickly.

Switching the mood

Mars retrograde doesn’t help you wither with big plans and decisions so this is why you might feel stuck and unable to concentrate on things you used to enjoy doing.

You might also feel as if you are missing important information but if you add some patience in the mix, some answers will come. A cold shower coming from some news you receive will also put your mind deeper into reality and finally you will abandon the dreamy state.

Short travel can be beneficial for a change of scenery but most natives will feel best if they do something that doesn’t involve any expenditure so think about how you can escape with very little money.

Overall, you are not ending the month in too bad spirit, especially if you get to have the break mentioned above and might tackle July in good disposition.

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