Cancer June 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-05-20, 5376 views

A rather introspective month ahead, one in which you have better chances than ever to come to peace with some emotions that have recently troubled you.

This doesn’t mean however that you will not be very busy in your professional and family life too. Actually, this June appears to be way more dynamic than May and might challenge your position at work.

Swift action will be required at key moments and keeping your intuition high is the definite prerequisite in making sure you do the right thing at the right time.

There may also be some moments, especially during the second half of the month, in which your stubbornness will get the best of you and in which you will refuse to listen to anyone, even to your own voice of reason.

Luckily, there isn’t anything major that can go wrong, although your decisions will be judged, especially by your family.

How you come across, especially through written and verbal communications, will be in the spotlight this June and could potentially offer you some great satisfactions.


Enhance! This is a great month to clean up your to do list but you will really need to channel all your clarity and prioritize the right way.

Towards improvement

The very first days of June will test your character strength through apparently small situations the echo of which will add up in your mind.

Work is not going to be easy but will most likely bring you important rewards, especially before the 5th. Beware of tensions with colleagues but also speak your mind rather than accumulate unnecessary tensions.

The Sun conjunct Mercury aspect developing until the 7th will make your mind sharp and ready to take on board any opportunities. You may be required to travel for work and will most likely enjoy every moment of it.

Some natives will be drawn to a new educational subject and so, to make things official, may be required to sit some sort of entry exam. The romantic disposition you are under also means that you will appropriately reward your partner for supporting you in this endeavour.


Astrological aspect of the month: With Mercury arriving in your sign on the 12th, you may be in a better position to verbalize your emotions but also to justify your impulse driven actions.

Some work friendship will also be in the spotlight this June, raising some question marks as to the motivation both you and the other person have.

It may be that you become more suspicious and harder to please, under the Mercury Saturn opposition but this doesn’t mean that any serious conversations due to take place, will be avoided.

You will tend to be more comfortable in large social gatherings than at home and it seems that you will also avoid signing any contracts or anything that is too official.

With the New Moon on the 13th, your mind will open up to new ideas, most likely generous and humanitarian ones, although you may not really know how to make them work, just yet.


Watch out! There may be some tensions between you and your partner around the 15th, most likely surfacing from a situation where you have not discussed your expectations from start.

The 2 R’s: romance versus responsibilities

Some small restrictions at work will regiment the way you think there and will have you be more prone to temptations in your personal life.

Add on top of this the Mercury Neptune trine and you are yourself onto a very exciting second half of the month.

You will be more drawn than usual to the arts and will even avoid arguing with others, trying to maintain a harmonious environment, even if this means compromising on your own beliefs.

Around the 21st, the sexually charged Venus Mars opposition will rather bring some financial worries in your life instead of passionate times. You are likely to try to keep afloat all your responsibilities so will not be in the most romantic of disposition.

Your involvement however will be recognized and rewarded, especially by your partner. They may even talk you into experimenting.


TOP TIP of the month: June may offer, around its middle, some opportunity to value your savings and invest into something with a rapid return.

Prepare to be challenged by obstacles and limiting conditions under the Sun Saturn opposition debuting on the 25th. No matter how bright your plans will be, they will require a lot more to overcome any roadblocks the stars are forwarding.

View this as a war and pick your battles wisely. In certain respects, you may need to prepare more than in others so you will need to always hit the right notes.

Practice makes perfect and this should be the motto of your last week of June, especially in preparation of the Full Moon on the 28th. The way things will develop before this major event will make a great difference in the opportunities that will surface with this occasion.

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