Cancer June 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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June will awaken passion and sexual energy in Cancerians. Your partner will feel like they are in paradise with you because you will be able to listen to his or er needs efficiently and in bed, sparks are due to arise.

This month’s horoscope also suggests that Cancer people could take an important step in their relationships, perhaps one that they have been dreading for a while now. If you are thinking about marriage or having a child, it is time to start communicating these thoughts. With the energy of this month, you can't go wrong.

June 2020 highlights

In June, the stars will help Cancer to "relax" a little. You will no longer be afraid of the unknown, the one you had to meet with in many situations, throughout the past months.

With your extraordinary kindness, you will lend a shoulder to someone who needs to cry. This situation will last for two weeks, after which the period of rejoicing will follow. After the 22nd, a big project will be realized for you.

Advice for key dates in June:

Around the 2nd: Try to rest more than usual because you might not be in the best shape.

Around the 13th: It’s time for romance and for really putting your feelings out there.

Around the 21st: Challenge yourself with new goals and get away from boredom and rut.

Around the 27th: You may wish to reconsider some past decisions and even make amends.

Around the 30th: Your self-confidence will be visible so it’s time to finally shine.

Cancer love horoscope for June

If you are just at the beginning of a love affair or in the first phase of courtship, avoid putting pressure on your love interest and try not to ask for "everything or nothing" from the beginning!

Relationships are a sensitive topic this month, whether you are married or just in an informal relationship. It is good to understand and take into account the fact that you are in a slow and difficult process of emotional transformation, and this has a direct effect on your love life.

You might as well use this period for introspection, to research what your real feelings are for certain people, what your relationship needs are, how you deal with your emotional and financial addictions, or whether or not you are cultivating a toxic relationship.

Some revelations may even be painful, but keep in mind that an inner cleansing is often necessary in order to enjoy harmonious relationships.

The planets that govern your house of relationships, the house of intimacy and the house of love are in retrograde throughout the majority of June so this is not really the time to push for advance.

Career and finances

The lunar eclipse occurring on the 5th activates your sixth house and can mark a moment of crisis that will mobilize you to make serious changes professionally. It is possible that certain projects or certain stages will come to an end or, for one reason or another, you will not be able to carry out your activity as before and you will have to retrain or reorganize your professional activity.

Professionally, many things should be rethought or reorganized and you would like the advice of a specialist. If you have your own business, you may encounter some difficulties coping with the decisions of some employees, or you may find it more difficult to get along with them.

Finally, you find the time to pay attention to the passions you have. You take a break from all the work and all the hustle and bustle lately and enjoy a few moments of peace. In addition, you manage to spend quality time with your loved one.

The solar eclipse occurring on the 21st takes place right in your zodiac sign and can have a major financial impact, because the Sun rules your second house. It's time to review and optimize your spending or how you make money.

Remember that times of crisis, no matter how difficult, also have the quality of bringing to light new opportunities.

Your wellbeing this month

June is the month for you to focus on the positives and ignore the negativity that is coming from others, whether through what they say or their actions.

Because the Moon is the governor of your sign, the eclipses occurring this month are very relevant to your life, your health and your inner balance. The lunar eclipse on the 5th is set to activate your health house.

It could be the right time to get involved in volunteering, possibly socially, which gives you the opportunity to get in touch with special people, able to help you fulfil a professional dream.

For now, it is advisable to stay active and try to change your lifestyle and diet if these include too many unhealthy habits. It is worth investing time, effort and even money in a healthier lifestyle and even in medical investigations, if necessary.

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