Cancer March 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-02-22, 3468 views

This is going to be a month of question marks and a permanent search for meaning in most of the things you are set to do. On one hand it might make you feel as if your brain is ready to burst but on the other, it might also help you get some clarity or at least get closer to what you are actually searching for.

But enough about questions and finding universal truths and more about what will actually happen in your love life. Unfortunately, given to Venus, this is going to be just as ambiguous with some daze covered in a thick haze, totally unwilling to descend.

Around the 5th you might feel as if you are not being understood while your partner might feel as if you are way too demanding and not even knowing yourself what you are expecting from this. And unlike other times, this is not going to pass with a little affection.

The longer it takes, the harder it gets

The more you spend time around others, the more you will figure out why you made certain choices in the past and maybe explain the present better. Some sort of challenge might questions your principles but you are quick to react and be all honorable.

But despite all this virtue and lack of compromise, you won’t be getting any prize or recognition. On the contrary, there might be some heated arguments with your friends, if on the road of choosing the right things you kind of ignored how they felt or the temptations they came up with.

Some natives might have to deal with a distance relationship, whether we are talking about a romance that has to part ways but is stubborn enough to try the distance approach or about families that need to be separated for a while.

Think of the future

Mars is not going to let you compromise or give up on anything that hasn’t gone how you wanted it and you are probably going to insist to anyone willing to listen to you and be all manipulative until you get it.

Couple this with Mercury meddling about and you have an explosive combination. Good things there is no need for big decisions until around the 20th or else you’ll be regretting a lot of things.

Talking about families and home, around the 15th you will probably feel so comfortable in your own space that you won’t want to leave it at all.

It might take an army of people and some very charming perspectives to get you to move a finger and although it might appear worrisome for certain people close, you will eventually come to grips.

Make some changes

Career will have to wait for a bit, either that you are putting it on pause for a while or this just happens by default due to a professional conjuncture. The key here is to be happy with where you got and just go on with your days, without any big expectations.

Around the 21st you will remember a bit about romance and you might be inclined to do something special although you are not going to go into any big gestures. However, a bit of tenderness and just the thought of you trying to do something nice will probably suffice in creating a good impression.

And after all this romance wouldn’t it sound great to make some changes at home, at least move some furniture around, buy a cushion or something? You might be feeling this terrible urge for a bout of fresh air and what a better way to obtain it if not through some material acquisitions.

Saying what you think

Remember when I warned you about big decisions? Well don’t imagine anything too serious or out of the ordinary although there might be some choices you will have to make that might influence you for a while on.

While you are being quite self conscious you are also in a good place and little criticism will actually touch you, although you will get some in the last week of the month.

For some natives, this might be deliberately malicious while for some others, it might be a little bit connected to reality.

In any way, you seem to have all of a sudden developed a terrible immunity to this. Unfortunately it won’t last very long. Good thing you won’t develop any doubts after this session though. 

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