Cancer March 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-02-24, 4112 views

It seems that you are going to be a lot more attentive to the dynamic in your life, especially in terms of your interactions with others, this March. Those who are coming near to finishing some important chapters in their lives and need to move on, are going to add some nostalgia to this mix as well.

Professionally, although you might want to see some movement, things are quite steady. There may be some episodes from which to learn but those are not going to impress you as much. Perhaps talking to superiors is going to help you more, especially in terms of creating connections for the future.

Your opinions are going to matter more than you can imagine so perhaps you should be careful with what words you are throwing out there. It is not like you are going to be held accountable for what you are saying but it is more of a matter of you feeling responsible if something goes bad after oyu have said something.

Please take note

You might start journaling or some sort of note taking because you feel the need to set aside some of the thoughts that are going through your mind lately. Your form of resistance to all the harshness in the world is by attributing all sorts of meanings to what is going on.

Charismatic and always with some nice words about you, it means that you will appeal to some very interesting people. However, don’t take it personally if someone has a bad day and dismisses you.

Your interactions with your friends are not going to be the most beneficial around the 8th but again, it doesn’t necessarily have to do with you. This, unless you haven’t forgotten about any promises you have made them.

A lot more freedom

The young natives are going to feel as if they are the most convincing people in the world and this will surely give them a self-esteem boost but what they don’t really know is that they are not all of a sudden a lot better with words and their families, it is just the stars that are allowing them this one of.

This is similar to what is happening to other natives in the work place. The dynamic is quite different and you get to be heard.

The young ones can benefit from a lot more trust and be given a lot more liberty than they usually have.

Beware, how you react to that as well because responsibility is still tied to all that. Don’t overestimate yourself and don’t take any risks for which you are not somehow covered.


Around the 15th the peak nostalgia moment is going to finally reach you. Some natives are going to brave through it and prefer to focus on the present rather than the past but most are not going to resist dwelling on some past decisions.

Some may come in contact with people they haven’t seen or spoken in ages while others will prefer to keep this as a personal affair.

Matters of past immaturity are going to come to play but you can’t judge yourself too harshly. We all need to own what we did, and accept that sometimes, these things are going to hunt us for more years than we can imagine.

Where you stand

Around the 19th, matters of status and your place in the society, irrespective of how much money you have are going to be on your agenda. You are all of a sudden a lot more interest in these aspects than you have ever been.

For some natives this is triggered by something that has happened or by someone important and fancy they met. The danger of this is that you are going to fall in some sort of inadequacy phase.

Even if you are doing all right, you might still think that there are things you don’t know and others like that and feel as if there is no time to catch up.

This will make you quite uncomfortable in your own reality and for some, might mark the beginning of a drastic change of attitude.

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