Cancer March 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-02-25, 3255 views

With two full Moons occurring this March and with the Moon being your governing planet, I bet you can already picture how charged this month is going to be.

A full Moon, by definition, will ponder on your evolution and where you stand. When two Moons occur in the same month, the second one is called a blue moon. On this particular occasion the first Moon is in opposition with Neptune so its influence may be slightly tempered by the negativity of the latter planet.

On the other hand, this may also mean that you are behaving in a more responsible manner and that you are not letting yourself influenced by temporary moments of high or low.

Some of the challenges of this month will revolve around aspects of temptation and your need to manipulate others into doing what you expect them to do.

Fixing stuff

With Venus trine Jupiter you might want to focus on fixing everything that is broken in your relationship at the start of March. Although this may sound unrealistic, if you sit down and have a think, surely you will come with some ideas.

This is one of those dispositions that can inspire real change, the only thing you are required is to understand there are certain failings and to want to fix them. A good time not to leave anything new to frustrate you and to take matters into your hands every time you feel something looks wrong.

Little obsessions and nitpicking will surface so you may want to deal with any detail oriented activities as soon as they surface. Anything that involves debt or paperwork is again something you may want to look into, at least for the first 8 days of the month.

Social life

With Jupiter retrograde and Mars trine Uranus you will be in a place where on one hand you are inclined to isolate yourself and be all introspective and on the other hand you are craving excitement and new activities.

You are very spontaneous and should use this both in your favor and by coming to the rescue of those dear to you. Partnerships are going to be benefited and it appears that on this occasion, you are not going to be the one running after people and in fact, you will be the one chased.

Especially after the 15th, it seems that your social life gets very animated. You should however stay away from preferences and from showing bias. If you treat everyone fairly, you will end up receiving the same kind of treatment. Initiatives at work may be slow to take off but when they do, they won’t require your attention that much.

How you’re moving ahead

The second half of March will be marked by the movement of Mars in Capricorn, an aspect that has potential for great progress but may also come with a price to pay.

You may very well continue your social ascension but there will also be moments in which you will sort of self-sabotage, perhaps in a need to gain more control. You will be reluctant to try too many new activities and will prefer to stick to the known.

Some natives may also be quick to deny past relationships or ignore the advice of important people just because they want to achieve their goals.

This willingness to do whatever it takes may put you in a corner, especially at work, as it seems that during this time, you are expected to work more as a team than as a lone wolf.

No money worries

A really good news at last, as it seems that with the Sun trine Jupiter aspect, you will have one less major worry: that of money. It comes and goes but it seems that you just don’t end up in a situation where you don’t have it when it matters most.

Some natives may find support with their families, perhaps by moving temporarily home or another arrangement that could bring them extra income. This is a good moment to channel positive energy in respect to more money in your life.

There may also be matters of competition and rivalry that surface these days, perhaps with a sibling or someone else of a similar age. It may that you are putting an offer for an important purchase and this gets rejected.

With Venus square Pluto focus also switches towards things you are doing as a default, without any consideration as to whether you could do them in a different way. You are so stuck in a rut, especially at home, that you feel the need to escape but don’t necessarily know how.

Perhaps you could use the last weekend of the month to optimize the way you do chores at home and give away some of the old stuff you don’t use anymore.

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