Cancer March 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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For the Cancer natives early spring might be a turbulent period. It is invaluable to focus on what they have to do and avoid tense moments.

It is a good time for a change of look or the adoption of a healthy lifestyle. Those in a relationship enjoy harmony for the best part of the month and support their partner in everything they do.

This month is more and more about attention to detail, but it also brings you stress. Try to take a break every time you feel that things get you up.

Moreover, this month you might decide that you do not want to compromise, and you are no longer willing to give up on the things you care about just because you want to make others happy.

Some Cancer natives might have a more troubled time at work. There are some issues they can solve easily because of their excellent communication abilities.

Lack of motivation is present at all levels. Try to stay focused on what you do, especially at work, if you do not commit to endless mistakes. Learn from mistakes, when appropriate.

March highlights

You start March on a high, feeling very competent and on top of what you need to be doing, this despite the fact that your career somewhat interferes with your personal life.

You will need to prepare thoroughly in case there are any examinations or interviews for you to take during the second week of the month. You can’t just wing things, no matter how confident you might feel.

Around the middle of the month you might be able to draw in some support, even a sponsorship of some kind, that could help you in a bit endeavor of yours.

Be mindful of the kind of associates you bring close to you, and ask yourself twice about their real intentions.

During the last week of March you are going to take a lot of your time and just be kind with those close, by throwing a helping hand, without expecting anything in return.

Cancer love horoscope for March

Love life may seem crushing for some Cancerians this month, perhaps because they are stubborn enough not to prioritize it, over less important matters.

Some natives will avoid anything romantic, as it will make them feel a little like imposters. No matter the internal feelings, there is some difficulty expressing them in real life.

Around the middle of the month, the demands from the partner or love interest are also going to be greater than usual and so these natives are going to fall prey to disappointment a lot easier.

Some Cancerians may end up feeling disappointed even by the good things that take place in the couple's life, just because they do not fully meet their expectations.

Also, for the health of your love affair, it would be ideal to respect the freedom of movement of your loved one and to try to be less jealous and possessive.

Dreaming with open eyes can bring temporary relief until the concrete facts come to your attention in one form or another.

Your life partner or fling could play an important role in this if they care enough for you to wake you up from your reverie.

Towards the end of the month, an unresolved love affair may peek in your life but you are likely to be very strong about it and maintain your position, something that would have required a lot from you in the past.

Career progress this month

What is tried and tested will be the best for this March and you should avoid any last minute decisions. Stick with the safe choices and you will enjoy a peaceful month in your professional life.

The New Moon occurring on the 6th and placed in Pisces also limits your free time due to work obligations.

On the other hand, you should be open to exploring and take the time to discover new things, perhaps you can even travel.

Those natives who work in marketing, tourism are likely to be advantaged by meeting interesting people.

The only downside of this would mean that they can turn rather dreamy and then not focus on their responsibilities.

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