Cancer May 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-04-27, 2985 views

It appears that no matter how many precautions you take, this May is still going to be a very difficult month, with a lot on your plate. The main advice would be to take things one step at a time and try not to ignore anything for too long.

There are things that are returning to haunt you exactly because you didn’t do them at the right time but remember that there is nothing lost entirely. Another good news is that although you might not benefit from the support of people close to you, it seems that you are doing just fine meeting people and involving them in your projects along the way.

Selling yourself expensive

The beginning might bring some advancement opportunities to some natives but these are also going to come with a price to pay. You have to research and document your choice as well as present yourself in the best light you can.

When it comes to talking about yourself, of course you won’t meet as many problems but in regards to research and actually doing your homework, there might be some roadblocks on the way as you don’t seem to be that passionate about the whole situation.

The 10th might bring you unexpected help and instead of competitors, you will actually empathize with others and manage to help each other. Returning to popularity and yourself, there might be some occasions for you to stand in the spotlight

Playing around

Around the middle of the month, the area of hectic behavior moves towards more personal horizons and now you have troubles trusting a particular person. It may be a friend who has disappointed you in the past or even your partner who is not being completely honest with you.

This means that you will transform in a detective and try to get to the root of all this. For some natives, this might actually be serious, but there are others who take everything as a game and for them, this will only be a matter to entertain their thoughts and to have time pass faster.

But the bad news is that this whole behavior of yours will eventually catch up with you and while you may not have to give any serious explanation, those around will feel very offended and you won’t make amends with them that easily.

Too many options

Mars retrograde is slowing you down in the workplace but not necessarily in terms of focus but more like in terms of motivation. You are still doing a great job, actually acing your tasks, but only when you are pressed, by either a deadline or an authoritative person.

If this doesn’t happen and you are left to your own devices, then you are completely hopeless and not really accomplish anything. This might also show you that you are lacking some serious long term goals at this point in your life.

Or on the contrary, you have set so many goals for yourself that you are now swamped with them and don’t really know which one to pursue first and this maintains you blocked from doing absolutely anything.

Learning from the young

Your social life seems to considerably wake up during the last week of the month, perhaps because summer is coming or because you are all of a sudden a lot more open to trying new things and to going out during the evenings.

Hopefully, this will last you longer than it did the last time. At the same time, your partner seems to enjoy it just as much as you, thus compelling you further to continue in this manner.

A good time to spend with children as well, either yours or others from the family and although you might let yourself fooled by the idea that you are teaching them things, they might in fact be the ones teaching you a thing or two.

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