Cancer May 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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In May, dear Cancerians will benefit if they invest time and effort in the professional aspects of their life, whether we are talking about their career specifically or about learning something new, signing up for a skill or taking some exams to get a certification.

With the Sun in Taurus for most of the month, you are more persistent and quicker to indulge so you might be seen as rather selfish because you will always focus on what could benefit you.

Around the middle of the month, you will spend some wonderful moments with your friends. Spend at least one evening a week with them. It is important to relax and recharge your batteries, even if there will also be moments in which you will feel as if social events are tiring you more than they are relaxing you.

Unfortunately for you, May does not seem to announce too many good things in sentimental life. There may be some misunderstandings with your loved one, some serious arguments and conflicts.

It is even possible for the one next to you to go through a more difficult time and you won’t really know how to cope with that.

Be as strong as possible and remember that it is imperative to keep your calm in any situation!

Until the 16th you will not be happy with your financial standing at all, and unforeseen expenses will seem to occur at every step. But luckily, the situation will seem to improve during the second half of May.

May highlights

The first week of May might see you struggling to divide yourself between home and work, with high demands on both sides that you will try to fulfil.

You will also get the chance to meet some new people, who might end up having an impact on your life, a positive one of course.

You are also very charming and able to make friends with ease, not to mention that you are quick to jump to the rescue for anyone who might be requiring your help.

On the 7th, a special quadrature aspect will develop between Venus and Saturn and you will become more emotional as a consequence. You will be more attentive to the hidden meanings of what is happening around you and you will pay greater attention to the role others have in your life.

You are less focused on the material and more focused on the spiritual so surely, you won’t be doing much domestic work but will definitely work with your mind.

Friends will be very important and play a defining role in your plans after the 15th but you might also find yourself to waste some energy on plans that are doomed to fail from the start.

The third week of the month will help you channel good energy towards your health and this is also the best time in which to get yourself checked.

In the course of or around 29 and 30, you are very flexible and not very moral so you will dwell between all sort of choices. To add to the complications, the Venus Saturn triangle is pushing you to desire more from yourself and to also indulge more.

You may also be more driven towards people who can help you financially and your morals will be fluid, in your attempt to convince them to be on your side.

Whether it's love or business relationships, it is certain that you will unite your emphasis on palpable and not abstract issues.

Cancer love horoscope for May

May will not be completely easy for you affectionately, and you may feel, especially in the first half, a lot of uncertainties or fears. Older anxieties may be amplified, especially if you are not involved in a relationship that is too stable or sufficiently mature.

Some natives will only think more about their own person at this time and have all kinds of selfish interests such as finding someone to help them advance in their career or to do better in society.

Even those in a strong relationship might not get away that easily, as they may be tempted by a secret affair, perhaps by someone for whom they have had an illicit crush so far.

Some of them may be born very suddenly for someone from the entourage whom for years you've only considered to be a friend.

Married Cancerians could take advantage of the second half of May to review joint long-term projects with their partner and to make plans for the remaining months of the year.

Career progress this month

You will have both a great and a horrible time this May because although you are inspired and creative, you tend to allow your thoughts to get confused, you muddle your way through what you need to do and prefer to fantasize about all sort of outcomes.

Take things step by step and allow for specialist help where the case. You might also find yourself stuck in a bit of a gossip driven scandal at work. Don’t make any hasty decisions and make sure you remember what you have said.

During the second half of the month, the professional plan can pleasantly surprise you by the disappearance of problems that have become a source of stress, but also by obvious progress.

You will be more confident in your own qualities, you will be exemplary in order to deal with any demands, however complex they may be. It is good, however, not to expect a full recognition of your own merits, however much you work.

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