Cancer May 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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With all that is going on in the world, you seem to be in quite a reasonable head space and perhaps you have also taken the time to take better care of yourself and have even discovered more about who you really are.

On the other hand, this whole separation could lead to you not thinking at all about work and remaining quite distracted for a long period of time.

May is going to be all about new things. You want to get rid of the monotony and try to stick close to those dear to you. Thus, this month the courage characterizes you and you manage to motivate those around you in the direction you want.

You will be enjoying taking life from scratch, going with the flow and not expecting much. The last period was not so good, and now is the right time to start on the right foot. Positive thinking will always be healthy thinking, and this will help you.

May 2020 highlights

In May you will be able to combine different areas of life and pay sufficient attention to each of them. It is a time of fruition because the month will be extremely productive.

Cancerians should be careful about the tendency to be arrogant and arrogant, as it could drive people around it. So, before you say anything, keep in mind that sometimes, silence is golden.

In May, each Cancer will benefit if they invest time and effort in their career. The sun in Taurus brings a very fruitful period as well as persistence. You will spend some wonderful moments with your friends. Spend at least one night with them, even if at a distance, through technology. It is important to relax and recharge your batteries for the next working week.

Advice for key dates in May:

Around the 3rd: No need for pessimism, just hang in there no matter what;

Around the 14th: Some imbalance of powers will make you feel like you are less deserving than those around;

Around the 21st: Use your eloquence to get people on your side, it’s your time to shine;

Around the 25th: Some obstacles on your way because of someone at home but you can talk things through.

Around the 30th: Don’t inflate your ego, especially not in a conflict with your partner.

Cancer love horoscope for May

The sentimental situation seems quite stable in May. However, some tensions, manifested by different views on some things, will not be lacking.

It seems difficult to negotiate and find an acceptable solution for both of you in the relationship, no matter how well you otherwise get along. You feel that you are not getting enough attention, that you are not understood.

Drop your guard a bit and try to reach a common point. Do not raise the bar too high, do not make big claims. It is best to treat things more relaxed and with more humor. This way you will have more to gain.

This month, while it may seem easy, could also be difficult. This period can give you trouble if your ego gets involved. The control of selfishness is preferred this month; a situation may arise to demonstrate your volunteer qualities in the interests of others, especially in your social life.

A welcome wave of energy will appear after the middle of the month, but unexpectedly, it will last until the end of the month. You may find that a complicated problem from the past has a satisfying twist on you.

Expect difficult, yet beneficial, changes as you face your own limitations. Take them as they are, then go over them.

Career and finances

Cancer people don't want to hear about overtime work this month. Perhaps, a month ago they worked very hard and spent a lot of time at work, which brought them to exhaustion. Fortunately, their work will not be unpaid because the bosses will appreciate them in front of everyone.

You are close to friends, it is possible to meet loved ones from the past and thus reconnect with these people. Especially with well-reasoned women, both in the personal segment and in the professional segment.

On the other hand, just after the 6th you can connect new friends with special people who simply appear around you and feel loved. Continue to be cautious at work throughout the month.

The work relations are tense, the professional activity seems harder because of colleagues or subordinates. Around the 20th, an important professional stage ends. Either an activity, a work assignment ends, either the working conditions change, or changes occur in the work group in the sense that some colleagues leave or others come.

Wellbeing in May

The middle of the spring season is going to be one of your most sociable and open times of the year. It is time to be very close to friends, to enjoy socializing moments, to have pleasant company for dinner, to go out in nature, even if only for a walk.

It is time to analyze more consciously what you want from your friends, from the social circle and from your social life in general. The peak of spring is the time when you revitalize your hopes for the future and take new steps to make your dreams come true.

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