Cancer May 2023 Monthly Horoscope

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Slowly and step-by-step, the energies surrounding your sign are going to help you kickstart some kind of project you have been thinking about for a very long time. And all of a sudden you will find yourself right in the middle of the action and exactly where you need to be.

You are also advised to deal with any negativity in your life, especially from those close, with diplomacy and empathy as you don’t really know what others may be going through.

In May it seems like you will have bad luck replaced by good luck. In such atmosphere of good luck and understanding, you will be funnier and take your existence to a whole new dimension, which will open for you new opportunities to exploit not only your experience, but also your skills.

May 2023 Highlights

In May Cancer, you will have your emotional intelligence flourishing. By the 13th, you’re going to look for more understanding in the family. If you want the relationships you must improve, then you need to send out the messages that are right.

The period will be the best for exchanges that are benevolent. You will retreat in the family and enjoy life with them, especially during the month’s first half. In your private home, you will have things changing slowly but certainly.

There will be events at which you will participate, observing how the new events unfolding are bringing on new opportunities for you. Starting with the 10th and until the 19th, things shouldn’t be static at home and in your everyday life, so you will be appreciating it.

When you are feeling comfortable and have adorable company you are enjoying the pleasures of life. Until the 10th, things should go well for Cancers. They will share tenderness and feelings, not to mention that they will want closeness.

However, they might want to spend as much time alone as possible. By the 13th of May, things should be revolving around children, family, and home matters. Descent and ancestry will be more important for those intimate Cancers who don’t like to socialize.

Mars in their sign will put home in the center of their concerns, pushing them to be reassuring and to look for safety. They will want to be around people they know, and especially those who are overprotective with them.

They will give more importance to being part of a family or best friends. Jupiter in the sign of Pisces will talk about beautification. Starting with May 14th and for some weeks after, this nice planet will have Cancers staying away from materialism and focusing on what makes them feel good. This will be a gift from up above.

By the 20th of May, you must not put any pressure on yourself, nor allow others to do it. Just stop being worried and do what makes you happy.

Cancer Love Horoscope for May

You will follow your partner, but this doesn’t mean things will improve with your relationship. Starting with the 8th, Venus passing through your sign will announce there’s an improvement. Jupiter in the sign of Taurus will initiate a change that’s positive. In these surroundings in which understanding and trust exist, you are going to no longer be reserved.

Slowly, you will start feeling as if your relationship has more meaning. The calming effects of Mercury will strengthen your connections. From May 8th and further, your feelings will be rekindled. Starting with the 16th, you will be managing any suggestion made by your partner.

This is a month in which you will be able to make things possible. The stars will be present in friendly signs, creating an important connection with someone who is kind, available, and surprising. You will decide what’s going to happen next.

In marriage, make sure you are passionate and intense. Surprise the person you share your life with. In this atmosphere, you won’t have any regret. Singles who are in love will discover that the people they’re after are more sensual.

Cancer, in May you will be wanting to please, and this will be possible. However, make sure to not use words in a harsh manner. Therefore, don’t put an end to your romantic relationship by using nasty remarks.

Your partner will be supportive and offer advice that proves to be of great help. You will use this advice wisely, feeling closer than ever to this person who happens to be in your life. Singles, expect the stars to put you in the mood for love. You will have more than one passion at once, taking advantage of all of them to their fullest.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Cancer, it’s time for you to be happier. In a few days, Jupiter will no longer be in Aries, so you can breathe calmly. No matter how much you might be wanting to argue, don’t. Starting with the 17th, things will start being better.

With the happy circumstances in your surroundings, as well as the facilities to break up tensions, you will get along well with everyone, rediscovering how pleasant it is for you to work from a place of serenity and understanding.

When it comes to money, this will be a sector working just fine, yet this only for as long as you don’t overspend. As far as career goes, you might advance in the month that’s coming. The way you approach work will lead you to success.

You will be oriented toward action and gain more money from your business. As your tendency will be to work hard, make sure you will have your efforts being rewarded. In such successful surroundings, you can capitalize on changing the venue of your business or your job.

This will lead to prospects that are better, prospects that are going to be coming your way. You might also travel a lot, and travel will bring you many benefits. Think about achieving something great for the month.

In May, your finances look very good, so you might start some projects on the right foot. Many Cancers should expect to gain suddenly, whereas others might obtain profits from speculating. This will bring them the richest profits.

Either way, most of them will know how to handle their employees to gain more. This will also result in increased profits. An older gentleman might do you a big favor that will benefit you in the long run too. In the end, you will gain a lot from your connections with superiors, as these will be great.

Your Wellbeing This Month

When it comes to education, the month doesn’t look great for you, as the stars aren’t in a good mood. To put it simpler, you won’t get the expected results at exams. Most Cancers will need to struggle so that they can achieve what they want.

And even by doing so, success might not come their way. However, those who are persevering will overcome any obstacle. Those who need to sit some competitive examinations need to get extra coaching, as this is going to influence their results in a positive manner.

Travel gains seem to be rather remote, as the stars aren’t at all in a favorable mood. You will have the tendency to travel by yourself, mostly by road and rail, but air travel is not out of discussion either.

Don’t rule out a trip to a foreign country either. You might travel for work and for other reasons as well. It won’t matter why you are going away from home, you won’t realize much, meaning you will have to make travel plans if you want your trips to bring some results. Go East.


Luck is going to be by your side when it comes to health and fitness. Those of you who are suffering from chronic diseases such as flatulence, digestive problems or rheumatism should expect to get relief from these issues, but only if they take good care of themselves. It goes the same for teeth problems.

Cancer, expect to be relieved from nervousness and to not face any difficulties further. You might be feeling weak, but you will be able to overcome this issue by exercising more and eating better. The month looks good when it comes to health, so you shouldn’t worry much.

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