Cancer November 2015 Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-10-22, 2116 views

Changing circumstances might be quite disturbing for you! There is no secret for anyone who knows just a little bit of astrology that your greatest need is to feel safety. Well, this month, the Cancer November 2015 monthly horoscope brings to the foreground some quite disturbing circumstances that surely enough will challenge this need of yours for security.

The events will appear much more difficult to deal with as they are expected to affect your daily routine. This could be linked to your job, to your duties or just regular activities at home, to any occupation that used to offer you a feeling of order and routine and so, a predictability you loved and in which you usually could find safety. 

Gather your efforts

An even bigger problem might appear when you would eventually try to fight any change by making exaggerated efforts in assigning duties for those around you, in scheduling activities not only for you but for the others, too, and in telling everyone what they should do in order for things to go on perfectly.

I know it’s just your great desire for keeping circumstances manageable, but your way of talking to people might be considered preachy, judgemental or even dictatorial.

Do you know what to rely on?

A very sensitive time is most likely to be nearer to the last decade of the month, when becoming aware of questionable happenings in your close environment, possibly at work, will make you a lot more stressed, especially since you are in impossibility of disclosing some of the matters that are keeping you awake.

But November has also rewarding moments for you thanks to astrological transits through Scorpio. Your intuition is even greater and if you choose to rely on it, you will benefit from nice chances in regard to a new approach to love life and creativity. It’s time to decide if the actual relation is offering you enough ‘’benefits’’ in terms of fulfilling both romance and parenthood needs or expectations. 

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