Cancer November 2016 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-10-23, 3522 views

An agitated month ahead but this is not something you will dislike. You prefer to be busy because although you are exhausted and don’t seem to find time for yourself this keeps you focused and your mind doesn’t wander.

And talking about wandering, there will be some days in which you will be able to enjoy some unprecedented freedom but there may be some words of caution accompanying those.

You should listen to your friends and accept their invites but try not to compare your life with that of them. Everyone lives as they decide and you shouldn’t feel pressured into any kinds of decisions.

Another thing you can do to maximize the potential of this November is to look closely at things you can do around the house as there is plenty of improvement or some great ideas can come after a session of just organizing your things.

Being yourself

Work is interesting but some interactions there might get on your nerves. You are also expecting too much of a particular person and might become a bit confrontational if they don’t deliver.

Although you might not realize it, subconsciously, they can feel the way you behave and perhaps this is part reason for their behavior too.

During the first week you might also find yourself in a situation where you are keen to show to your partner or a potential love your abilities in a particular direction. You are trying to impress them and perhaps you are trying too hard. Although it may sound like obvious advice, being yourself is probably best.

The more comfortable you are in your skin, the easier it is going to be for you to interact with others, be them someone you fancy or just about anyone else.

Attention please

Although you may feel as if a lot of communication is favored and some things are going to move faster than others, don’t take this as the rule because it is not the case.

Don’t let yourself impressed by small battle because doesn’t mean you can go big on other, more important situations.

This said, Mars comes with a sign of attention, to contracts, loans and literally anything that has very long term consequences. Beware of taking such decisions at the moment, no matter how comfortable you may feel with them.

Short term is valid though and you can try all sorts of things. You might even get the support from those in your family if you ask for it. Perhaps this is a great occasion to visit grandparents or any wise and elder relatives you might have.

What you hope for

You will somewhat waste a few of the days around the middle of the month in a blind attempt to get validation from someone close, perhaps of a similar age with you. For some natives, this might be work related and at least they still get to keep or benefit from the work they did.

It is more difficult in the case of those who are involved emotionally and who might need a break from seeing particular persons.

Venus is prompting you to be open but given what you are going through, this will appear to be a bit conflicting. Someone younger than you might surprise you with some useful insight.

It is important to keep up with the promises you made and also to not indulge this behavior of yours, including with activities that might require you to spend money.

Promises and actions

Around the 25th you might find yourself in a bit of a sensible situation as it seems that there are some things you may have forgotten about, perhaps promises you’ve made.

These will not only interfere with your schedule but you might also have to make amends, depending on how much you care for the person you disappointed.

Don’t put yourself into a more difficult position by promising who knows what else. Some natives might have to deal with debt being repaid or they might be the ones paying someone back. Try not to mix money with personal ties from now on as well.

A creative moment will direct you to do a particular thing but it may be best to wait for a while. Work might turn slow as everyone is waiting for the holidays so maybe you should try and think more about what you actually want to do.

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