Cancer November 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-10-22, 7033 views

Some may brand you as way too direct, harsh and selfish this November but at a closer look, it seems that you are not following your own interest, but actually those of people around and it seems that your direct demeanour comes from your need to see things in action.

You are seeking accomplishments of all sorts this month and will sort of be in a perpetual race with yourself. You also fancy some help from important people but you are exclusive and very picky when it comes to whom you allow next to you.

It seems that during the second half of the month you will tend to spend more time at home and will sort of calm down from your rush. This is a great time to get in tune with what those around have been up to and to be there, on an emotional level, for them.

Showing what you are capable of

One of the things that is going to drive other people crazy about you this November is the fact that you are not going to stop for small talk. You are in action mode all the time and prefer to cut anyone who you, even for a second, feel that is wasting your time.

This may bring some arrogant tendencies of yours into play but you are not going to keep them shut down, on the contrary, you are likely to parade them.

Some natives will even get some chance to spend time with an important person and will take some of their behaviours, even if they are not yet in that place.

All sort of episodes

Around the 10th, you may get some chance to reflect on something that is happening in the life of someone close and you will be able to be very objective about it all. Whether you decide to share your findings with the said person or not, this is up to you, but surely, you are more impacted by this than you would imagine.

Also, you may find that a so called friend has been talking behind your back. You will be quite generous and won’t put them in a sensible position on the spot.

However, you are likely to inspire more respect through your actions and ultimately humiliate them through this.

You are in great shape physically but also rather lazy so you won’t use all the energy you have. The word of advice is to tend to any practicalities you have outstanding around the house. You will thank yourself later for this.

All is right in the world

It seems that a major roadblock will challenge you after the 15th but we are proud to inform you that although some days may be very difficult, you are going to move past this with a big smile on your face.

You may experience some revengeful thoughts as well, thoughts that will fight with your usual good nature. Interesting to see if you will manage to dismiss those straight away or if they will still linger.

If the second scenario occurs, be sure that you will not forget what you need to do and will ensure that you teach those people a lesson, exactly when their time is sweeter. This couples well with your Robin Hood tendencies so you won’t feel not even an ounce of remorse.

Balancing it

All is well and all is fun after the 20th, but you also need to balance the types of activities you tend to. Try not to get absorbed by one thing, especially if that has to do with work.

In order to be comfortable, you need to leave work matters at work and embrace home activities when you are home. By doing this, you won’t feel any anxiety and surely you will sleep better too.

Your main concern these days is that of being asked about past actions, something you don’t necessarily feel very comfortable with. The stars are sort of protecting you from this, but only if you show that currently you are a lot more responsible than you used to be.

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