Cancer November 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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This November, it is time for you dear Cancer to achieve harmony with everyone you come into contact with, by analysing your close relationships and how they have been so far and observing your mistakes.

You are able to express affection towards your loved ones and understand the needs of your partner, whether we are talking about a personal or business relationship.

And with that, in early November the New Moon suggests that you can develop a new creative adventure, or even a romantic fling.

You can expect opportunities to stimulate your creativity in all its forms, even the chance to publish a work if that is your desire.

This November you can most certainly advance with your plans through spontaneity, boldness and creativity.

Also, with a little work you can maintain the stability of your love relationship and have the chance to ally with someone important in your long-term plans.

November highlights

Generally, this should be a rather positive month, plus the stars will especially favour long-term relationships. Now they will evolve. Mutual trust between you and your partner will grow stronger.

Maybe now is the time to take the next step. Just give up on your fears and take responsibility. You will also be successful in sports or competitions.

The first week of the month the atmosphere at work harmonizes, a sign that you understand yourself better, hence you can interact better with your co-workers and thus you manage to show a higher efficiency.

Around the 10th, some tensions may arise between you and your partner because of family or practical issues.

From the 19th onwards, more dynamism is announced in the couple's life and in the relationship with children and you tend to communicate better with your loved one and your little ones.

During the third week you may find it difficult to achieve a healthy balance between professional and personal life and this will leave you quite frustrated.

From the 27th onwards, the chances of establishing the basis of a business partnership, of a collaboration or of obtaining a very important contract increase. You will also find yourself to be more active than usual on a social level and lay the foundations of high-profile friendship.

Cancer love horoscope for November 2019

Unexpected feelings begin to emerge this month, first timidly then completely out. Love hides behind a glance, a hand outstretched when you do not expect it, a timid invitation.

If you have been in a relationship for a while and you wonder where things are going, now you can receive a statement, proposal or even a marriage or marriage request, you may find it more convenient to take a break and put some order into your thoughts.

After the 17th, rather than indulge in a situation that does not please you, you better wait for the next train. You win the cause and have the last say in discussions with children or parents.

If you are single, there's a ray of hope for you sentimentally this month. If so, far all your attempts to forge a relationship have failed, more and more admirers are starting to gather here.

You have accumulated enough frustration and lost confidence in yourself, which is why you will be sceptical about anyone approaching you.

Career and finances progress this month

This is going to be a good month for investments, especially if you have wanted this for a long time.

You will have to work even after hours, but your efforts will be rewarded as you go. When you have a clear goal, nothing can prevent you from touching it, but be careful not to step on your own healthy principles.

You are clearly in the centre of the attention of the stars this month because which mean they will help you focus more on your own person, who you are, what you want to become, what you represent in this world.

It's a rare moment when you ask yourself deep and deep existential questions - it's good, it's bad, who am I, what do I want? - but from these searches, the answers, the decisions, the solutions will come to light.

Rarely do you have this opportunity, so it's time to sit above you all and think more about your needs, especially since in the last year and a half you have discovered a lot about your value: that you are good, that you deserve all the praise, that you can grow even more, that you have unlimited potential.

Health and wellbeing

Be careful with your knees and bones this month and try to practice some light exercise. This will help you become less tense and get the happy endorphins circulating in your body.

You may also find that you care more about the health of someone close so will focus on getting the right level of care for them.

It is advisable to judge things cold and balance them before making any choices but at the same time to avoid being too pushy in situations where it isn’t normal for you to have the last word.

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