Cancer October 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-09-23, 2357 views

Peaceful life at home to be at stake unfortunately in the Cancer October 2015 monthly horoscope. As much as you try to make a peaceful place out of your home, where harmony and courtesy are the basement of relationships with your close ones, it seems things get out of the control at times.

Until October 9, while Mercury goes retrograde through Libra, it would be advisable for you to be open to discussions and to understand other family members’ motivations and points of view. It is also advisable to postpone any big decision as your empathy might bring overwhelming feelings that risk infecting your reasoning. 

Tense family ties

After October 10, decisions linked to your home or family might be required in tense circumstances. Especially in the last decade of the month, due to a square to Pluto and to an opposition to Uranus, Mercury’s fondness of peace and harmony is suddenly and powerfully challenged by individual career-related goals and by a sort of struggle for a right of way in the marriage or in a close relationship.

In any event, your feeling of affiliation is breaking down and the consequences might be on inner unbalance. However, decisions must be made.

Teaching lessons more by token with a rough tongue

Having Jupiter, Mars and Venus transiting Virgo that is the astrological house of communication and lower education, many Cancer natives might be tempted during October to use a rough tongue for pointing out every mistake and flaws around them.

Even though in cases beyond their observations lays the truth, people might reject the tone or the manner of expressing details that cannot be easily proved. Some of them might choose to totally escape such discussions.

The same reactions might stir your eventual endeavours of teaching the close ones lessons that they never asked for. It would be wiser for you to wait for people to ask for your advice. 

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