Cancer October 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-09-25, 3919 views

This October will be a month full of wishes for most natives but from your mind to reality there is still a long way. A way that can be travelled easily with a bit of motivation and effort.

This being said, we can now move to something more practical and discuss about the things you will need to solve both at home and work, some challenges that might keep you awake at night. But the good news is about these not being very complicated.

The problems are mostly caused by the number of things that you need to tackle and the amount of time you have. But being busy is auspicious for you as it keeps your mind busy and you don’t come up with too many ideas.

What you need to accept

Some changes in personal life are going to set the tone for adaptation early on and it seems that you will spend the first week of the month coping with some things you just found out and perhaps changing some plans.

The more adaptable you are, the easier you are going to go through this period. And after all this, you will realize that most of the things that worried you, were actually very good practice and in your advantage.

Mars in conjunction to Pluto does tense things to some extent so this is why you might find it hard to interact with others, especially those of a similar age with you. The more diverse the person in front of you, surprisingly, the easier for you to decipher them.

You prefer to be challenged but get stuck when dealing with people similar to you, perhaps because you are sensing competition.

How about work

Moving towards the middle of the month, the sky seems to clear but this doesn’t mean you are protected from gossip and other intrigue, something which is most likely to happen at work.

Some of your accomplishments might trigger this or the fact that you have to work in close proximity to some people who don’t really fancy you.

The word of advice in this case is to pick your battles wisely and not get too involved. Of course it doesn’t make you feel most comfortable, but in most cases, it isn’t up to you to change those people.

Some extra hours you will have to put in might see a positive balance in your account and this will motivate you further. Don’t think of any risky investments or such, no matter if you don’t need that money now. Mercury talks about fair work rather than immediate gain for you at the moment.

Having it all

Around the 20th, you seem to want to have it all and don’t accept that there are choices and compromises to be made. Therefore, you will start to dangerously juggle family life and work.

Thankfully, you are stubborn enough to make both work but this will put a huge toll on your energy levels and in general your health, the more you continue.

You are stressed out as well but can’t really figure it because of all the other good accomplishment feelings you are having as you manage to spend time with your family and get the hard work done as well.

It will take you a while on this crazy rollercoaster to figure that you can’t always be on high with everything and you will probably tone it down.

The weekend after you do that will be quite a relaxing one. Not to mention the fact that you will be able to sleep properly again.

What else to do

A bit of tension here and there will also make you want to escape the city although no good opportunities to do that are announced. You might try to do something with your friends, which is not a bad idea at all.

Perhaps rekindling an old hobby will help you get all that tension out. Just don’t try something in which you generally need to invest a lot of time because during this period you are not really equipped with too much patience.

Around the 28th, there’s a good time to learn something new or to practice another skill. You might not need it for now but think of the future. And since we’re at it, get plenty of rest because the following month also announces to be quite busy and heated.

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