Cancer October 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-09-24, 4047 views

Dear Cancer, whilst you may know exactly what you want this October, it seems that the circumstances around you are going to sabotage you slightly and you might not be able to make the arrangements you would wish for.

Don’t get all de-motivated now because you will benefit from plenty of small victories, some of which you won’t even acknowledge at a time but which will contribute to the bigger picture in a way you can’t really imagine now.

This is a great month for day dreaming, so do leave your imagination fly freely. Don’t share too many of your thoughts though with others as you will be in for a rude awakening.

There isn’t much to understand in love …

It seems that this October will challenge your inspiration and will bring some mind-boggling moments in your love life.

Whether you like to take chances and may end up in some peculiar situations because of your own choices or this is just something you haven’t sought, you are likely to take a few moments to consider what is going on.

And you are about to get very busy with scenarios because some very contradictory events are going to take place. Whilst some natives will be able to discuss openly with their loved ones and might find some reasonable explanations, others won’t be so lucky, thus will struggle on their own with all sorts of scenarios.

After the 25th, you seem to regaining your self confidence and leave some worries aside, not before looking back at them and realizing that some of them have been quite silly.

When it comes to work

Friends and bosses are going to be the biggest pain for you this October as it seems that you will feel pressure from both sides and will remain in the middle during all days.

Although your friends don’t necessarily have this much authority on your life, you still feel guilty that you are not spending as much time with them a you are asked. Work will be busy but mostly at a mental level rather than physical.

There will be a lot of multitasking going on and it seems that there is also risk of mistakes if you let yourself carried away.

You are bound to make a great impression after the 20th, with the occasion of a presentation or something similar but beware of getting into too much depth because you might not be able to hold the topic at such a great level for long.

Good intentions … disastrous results

It seems that you will be eager to play with your health this month and either that you are trying all sort of home made remedies or that you go to some shady so called specialists, you are going to take some unnecessary risks.

It all derives from this need of yours to feel young and refreshed and it might also have to do with the example you receive from someone close.

After the 16th, make sure you sleep properly because it seems that every hour you are wasting is going to cost you more than usual in this period.

And also, talking about what you intend and how it comes out, beware of too much physical exercise because it is not going to bring you in top shape in a second and you may suffer through some painful consequences first.

Impulsive behavior

Despite their pushy behavior whilst trying to get you away from work during the week, it seems that your friends are also going to prove the rock of the first week of October, when you might need help. They will be able to support you in endeavors that have to do with ordering your life and may also put you in contact with some interesting people.

There will be some misunderstandings around the 16th, perhaps with a neighbor or with an acquaintance and although at first you will be quite satisfied with your impulsive reaction, after a while, you will probably start doubting yourself.

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