Cancer October 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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So far you have been pushed to work with others and encouraged to spend time on long-term goals.

If you've managed to find people with whom you can work, then progress will be made, but this October you can expect a slowdown in your plans.

In the meantime, the first few days of the month announce new beginnings in the home and family area. There are also many opportunities for growth or expansion here. October is the right time to take that step forward!

You have big plans regarding the house and you are thinking of a redecoration or renovation of this space. You will have many guests during this period and some more nostalgic discussions with them, about how time has passed.

Family disputes are beginning to fade, and the New Moon harmonizes family relationships and gives you a sense of security.

You are psychologically well and you feel that you have the energy to pursue your dreams and implement your projects.

October highlights

It appears that at the start of the month, family relationships are favored. You can have some pleasant moments spent with your loved ones.

You can receive gifts and offer others in return. Similarly, you will have the occasion to help someone close by providing them with important advice. New projects are favored this month.

Around the 20th some tensions may arise between you and your partner, most likely generated by some family or household issues.

But these will soon be over because you will know how to communicate effectively and make those worries go away.

The third week of the month will also be a rather busy one, with you not knowing where to go and what to do first. Be wise about how you divide your time between your personal and professional commitments.

As the month draws to an end, you seem to be in a very good mood, willing to try new things and experiment new activities.

Cancer love horoscope for October 2019

In October, the stars give you a lot of self-control, and you will definitely need it. Cancers that are single have a high chance of meeting their soul mate during this period.

The horoscope recommends that you do not rush things. You may not have another chance this year. When it comes to family, things will be peaceful.

Saturn, your planet of love is now in your own sign and in your own House. Love blossoms. Cancer in love has marriage opportunities knocking on their door.

You will let your love grow and grow naturally. You know this marriage is a serious matter and you want to be sure that everything is fine before taking this step.

If in a couple, you are particularly aware of this year's love duties and responsibilities. The love of Cancer natives this October is not a mere emotional sensation and a floral feeling.

It is a sense of duty towards loved ones and vice versa. These duties can keep you both busy up until the end of the year, but remember your energy laws again. If you are weak or jealousy and possession kick in, you will not be able to do your duty.

Career and finances progress this month

On the professional level there is a certain anxiety, friction with work colleagues, stubbornness and clashes of opinions and even prideful behaviors surfacing.

The game of the one who is always right can end badly, unconstructively and, above all, it loads you stress, distracting you from what is really important.

The level of pay could be a cause for annoyance and comparisons can occur with other colleagues, envy, disputes. But conflict is not the path to a better outcome.

Especially during the second half of the month you should look for those who are truly your allies and negotiate your rights with boldness but also with diplomacy.

You might even flirt with the idea of resuming studies or opting for a refresher course, in order to have a better chance of taking up a better paid position.

This is not the time for great career gestures and great initiatives. On the financial side, no major progress is announced, but rather slight promises. It would not hurt to be patient and reduce expenses as much as possible.

Health and wellbeing

From a medical point of view, it is good to protect yourself, in the sense of not overestimating your powers.

Do not move the single furniture around the house and do not carry the baby, and the puppy, and the shopping bag, all on your poor back.

Ask for help when you need or put things on the waiting list, without feeling guilty.

Accept only those activities that make you feel safe. Otherwise, from a mood perspective, you should be pretty pleased with what is happening around you and this shouldn’t create any additional sources of stress or anxiety.

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