Cancer September 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-08-26, 3561 views

A month of passion, intuition and alertness but also a month of calm moments, of enjoying what you have and on taking things one step at a time, just how they come. And if this doesn’t sound as a healthy mix, I don’t know what does.

You are keen to try your hand with some new activities, some that you have planned from the previous month, other that you have just come across. This marks some kind of getting out of the comfort zone for you and you can only be advised to keep it like this.

There may be some moments of down, not only up and these are exactly the stress points that you need to go past in order not to lose your motivation. You are great at riding the high wave but don’t often now how to react when you have to crawl on the ground for a bit.

On top of things

Take advantage of the first week because you are convincing, charming and intuitive. What a great time for an interview, for negotiations or for meeting people romantically. You are putting you best out there and people must notice.

You are keeping an eye on detail and at the same time, although you are preoccupied with a particular thing, you are not letting down your other responsibilities. Some kind of family meeting will also help you keep yourself grounded.

Someone of authority will help you showcase even more of your qualities and might put you in contact with important people for your career.

What I am trying to say is that, no matter how small the current step might seem, it might hide something a lot bigger underneath. This should also teach you not to judge a book by its cover.

How about work

Technology may not be your best friend around the 10th or this is happening because you are not very attentive with what you are doing. You might be in a rush all the time and this is surely felt in your actions. You seem to feel pressured by a million invisible things and don’t really take some time to breathe. The couple formed by Mars and Saturn at this point might be to blame for that.

This might put a strain on your health as well so slow down. Do what you can do and the rest can be done the following day. As long as you know you are investing your best, there isn’t anything else you can do.

Some of your friends might try to sweeten up things for you by throwing in a helping hand and although at first you will be grateful for that, soon you will resent their actions. You like them around you but at the same time, you are quick to criticize the way they do things, hopefully just in your mind.

Where do you shine

The second half of the month will show you that often, efforts that are out of the ordinary are giving great results and you might have some glory to bask in. The only word of warning is the fact that this might come in the exact opposite area you want it to come.

So if you are expecting recognition at work, well, you might have to wait for it because your personal life is now shining. For other natives, it might be the opposite.

Remember to expect surprises but overall, be content with what you are getting because, after all, recognition, not to mention the financial one, is something we all are looking for.

Mars is showing its teeth once again at you, making you altogether even more responsible at home. You are protecting your family and show that you have no boundaries in ensuring they are happy.

Using what you have and more

You are wise in using the resources that are given to you but life is not necessary an episode of survivor so you are blessed with other things as well. The end of the month announces to be quite smooth and will probably allow you to relax.

Some occasion to show financial wisdom might appear, perhaps not in managing your own money but that of those around.

Try not to get involved more than it is required and not give personal advice, even if you are asked for it. Keeping things professional will ensure that you sleep best at night and are not kept awake by someone else’s troubles.

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