Cancer September 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Your social life will benefit from a very active period in September 2019. You could go discover new places or just spend some more time with new friends. But you have to be careful with the excesses, because in the second week of the month the need to reduce expenses or make changes to the budget will become more acute.

A sudden change may come and surprise you just before the end of the month. Don’t worry, it’s actually for the better, speeding up a process you knew will take place anyways, but later on.

It's not a good month for big professional changes however. Major efforts are needed in the first part of September to meet the challenges at work.

It takes a lot of patience and optimism, however, there are some lucky days in these regard to benefit from, towards the end of the month.

September highlights

Dear Cancerian, this September you can be more successful than you imagine in business. You can get a loan or you can meet a new business partner.

However, you must pay attention to the decisions you make because they may affect you in the future.

If you are employed, it is possible to put more effort now, especially as everyone is back from the holidays and you have enough of an audience to impress.

Family life can have ups and downs this month, perhaps because no one seems to be very involved in the domestic chores.

Some frustration may arise because you might be feeling as if you are being left to deal with everything on your own. Try to understand what the problems are to solve them in time.

But luckily, especially around the 15th, you will get along with those dear easily and you will manage to go through any discussions that are a little more difficult and everyone will be very understanding.

Around the 18th, the astral context is created conducive to the establishment of partnerships, respectively to the outline and development of business ideas or group projects.

But be careful as the 20th may bring some communication issues, specifically some very silly misunderstandings you wouldn’t even think about now.

Towards the end of the month, you may be delegated some more difficult tasks and it will take you a while, perhaps even some sleepless nights, to realize what you should be doing, going forward. Perhaps you can take advice from someone older.

Cancer love horoscope for September 2019

In the sentimental plan, there are no noticeable changes this month, but rather the same dilemmas that you keep having about life in a relationship and other romantic aspects.

The constraints that might come with making commitments, or your need for emotional security, which pushes you towards relationships that are not best for you, all will be acting up this month too.

With Saturn returning direct around the 18th, certain situations may begin to clarify, and some pairs may enter into a more constructive stage of their relationship.

During the second half of September, some natives will go to great lengths to exert their emotional powers over their partners, with dominative thoughts in mind but with the perfect excuse that they are just strengthening the relationship.

Be careful about traveling with your life companion because silly quarrels are likely to start.

It does not benefit you to put pressure on the spouse, as this can destroy romance, the pleasure of being together in general, especially during an otherwise pleasurable trip.

Career and finances progress this month

You are definitely sticking to your plans this September and not letting anything interfere with them. Mars’ influence is giving you some well deserved extra-energy as well as lending some of its fiery boldness.

You may also feel, around the 17th, this desire to reinvent yourself and do something more. This might push some natives to take some radical decisions regarding their careers.

These can come by establishing contracts with new people, obtaining diplomas, opening a business, why not, on their own, restarting past collaborations that were not profitable in the past,

And talking about profitability, some money may come around the 25th and you will definitely be proud of your achievements.

If you have not yet been on a trip, on a vacation, perhaps it’s time to go because you need to have a break too.

What you are dreaming this September has great chances to materialize, of course, if it is realistic and if you are willing to fight for it.

Around the 18th, you might catch a bargain, an advantageous situation of purchasing something at a lower price, to give you great satisfaction.

The end of the month will be a particularly meditative moment for you, with Pluto direct on the 30th. Work on your feelings, work on your reactions and manifestations but try not to be too harsh on yourself either.

Health and wellbeing

It appears that you will be enjoying good health in September and it is rather someone close to you that may face some health problems and you will be the one who will take care of their well-being.

It may even be necessary to help out with chores. Nurturing as you are, you will likely go overboard with your care and will even help them out with some lifestyle choices.

Be careful, around the 23rd to your emotions because some kind of outburst might be pending, especially if you feel like you are not being understood by those close.

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