Cancer Weekly Horoscope September 1 to September 7 2014

By Denise on 2014-08-25, 395 views

Let’s see which the prospects are for Cancer natives starting with the week September 1 to September 7 2014. The following article will present the Cancer weekly horoscope with a Cancer forecast including the planetary aspects of the week, how they can affect Cancer natives and which are the things to do or not during this week’s time.

There is going to be a busy but also concerned week for Cancerians. They might start I with their heads in the clouds but they should be sure that by the end of it they will be pretty aware of what is going on in their lives. It will also be a time of focus on their relationships and there might be some conflict of interest rising ahead later in the weekend for no particular reason.

Cancer week September 1- September 7 2014

This week the Sun is still in Virgo, going for the second decan of this zodiac sign. This means that we are all generally influenced to be more orderly and analytical about what is going on. This is going to be helpful for Cancer people to get some of their emotions straight and even focus on the serious aspects in their lives.

The Moon goes through Scorpio to Aquarius and has so very different meanings for each zodiac signs as we briefly discussed in the first part of the article. There are two important moves to acknowledge this week: Mercury, moving from Virgo to Libra and Venus moving from Leo to Virgo. Mars stays cozy in Scorpio whilst Jupiter relies on Leo for shelter.

Mercury in Virgo makes us all act a lot more protective and to be really careful to the behavior of those around. But in the same time this doesn’t mean it’s good for us to interfere as this is a time for us to keep in our own borders. Mercury in Libra slightly switches focus to other people and know we are all of a sudden entitled to judge others and to model their paths to the right track. Balance does take very different meanings now.

When Venus is in Leo, expectations and demands are through the roof when it comes to love, but this also means that great things are set to be accomplished in this respect. Amazing time to feel the butterflies of a new love but not so great time to settle. Don’t worry you just have to wait till Venus moves to Virgo when everything because way more easier and you can play it all safe.

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