Capricorn April 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-03-26, 3077 views

Starting April under great auspices dear Capricorn but it seems that you will have to put some effort in if you want for things to continue like this. You are easily distracted and although you may come up with great ideas, in most cases, you don’t really have the resources to make that happen, not at the moment at least.

You let some things evolve by themselves and although this might seem an easy thing to do, it actually comes with a lot of stress for you. Engaging with others also gives up a headache but luckily, you are surrounded by people who you can depend upon.

Some natives will say something at a very important point and might end up regretting it after a while. Venus retrograde will probably bring even more haze and confusion, especially in your love life, but you seem to navigate that pretty well by postponing any important endeavors.


If there is a way to do something, you will find it, especially during the first week of April when you are highly motivated and don’t let anything phase you. On the other hand, you might feel a bit blocked by a past experience that is back to haunt you.

It may be that something similar happens to someone close or that you need to cope with some consequences of that.

In any case, this is a reminder that you need to be careful and not take any decisions on a whim.

Some natives might have to be responsible and take charge of their health status. You will end up spending a lot of time with your family, and this will mean a lot of comfort but also some sensible discussions.

Working your way up

If you know who to talk to, financial rewards are going to come. In the work place you are very selective about who you spend your energy on and although this helps you advance, it may also give you a bad reputation, especially around the 12th.

On the outside you don’t seem to care but on the inside, there are some moments in which you sort of let these thoughts torment you.

Some natives will try to get on everyone’s good side but will probably end up tired and realizing that this doesn’t actually work.

Financial stability is something you would trade anything for, especially for the emotional comfort it offers you. Perhaps your partner is also putting some pressure on you to move ahead.


You are searching to seal a deal, most likely work related, around the 17th, and this will give you a terrible head ache. Either the person you are working with is very picky or there is something very complicated about the whole thing.

In any case, you won’t give up easily and the other part will have to accept your terms. In order to celebrate you will probably prefer to do something with your partner and at best, invite some close friends.

This will get you up to speed with what has been happening in their lives and some small coincidences might end up surprising you.

Don’t put too much though into that because it is just your mind acting up. You see things, just because you want to see them there.

Going round

The last week of April will function as a wake up call and will prove you that you are capable of great things but you don’t let yourself do them.

There may be some roadblocks that you successfully surpass or on the contrary, stop and contemplate.

This is a great time for meditation and for coming to grips with some past choices. This might link into what happened at the beginning of the month, especially because now you have some spare time to actually think about it.

Around the 26th, you might have an occasion to win some money but you will have to give up some of that relaxing free time of yours.

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