Capricorn April 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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Informed decisions should be at the forefront of everything you do this April if you want to increase your power and influence. It may be that you can bring positive change in the lives of those around but unless you do this as part of a step by step strategy, your efforts may be in vain.

The stars support wealth creation and advancement in the business areas this month but are also in favor of small chit chat and of genuinely getting to know people, without any other intentions in mind.

You may also find yourself waiting for others and will tend to practice patience before things escalade under Mars’s fiery influence. You may find yourself part of a friendly tandem that will offer quite a few episodes of fun and relaxation.

Domestic life and beautifying your surroundings are going to be priority this month, especially if you can get away with spending as little money as possible but obtaining the best of results.

You are craving admiration from others so as soon as your project is over, you could have people around to celebrate.

There may be some instances where you will repeat past actions and may feel as if you are making a mistake for not trying something new. Perhaps you are just feeling too comfortable and want to escape the routine you are in.


TOP TIP of the month: Use any occasion to exchange information wisely and don’t put any unnecessary distance between yourself and those around. Mutual respect and understanding is not that hard to keep going but can bring immense rewards.

Keeping up

Mercury may be playing up with you at the beginning of the month but you are definitely one to learn from your lessons. There may be some tense moments during day 4 or 5 but you will soon develop an innate reaction to divert any sources of conflict, as soon as they appear.

With Mercury relinquishing its retrograde position after the 15th, all these troubles will be a matter of the past sooner than you’d think.

Under the Sun square Pluto aspect, you may be prompted to allow more freedom and liberty of action to those dear. In your attempt to protect everyone, you are stifling personal creativity.

An intense experience may lead to a rather destructive breakthrough and this may surface in the shape of an emotional discussion. Whilst at first you may be reluctant to act upon your impulses, in a couple of days you will have reached an understanding that there is time for change.

There is a predisposition to be rather critical of personal endeavors but aspiring towards perfection will actually keep you blocked in inactivity.

Unexpected sources of inspiration may surface from discussions with family members. You just need to be open to expose them to your dilemmas.

With Saturn in your sign since December 2017, we could say you have gotten used to the slow motion of some life aspects. The grapes will continue to be sour as you observe opportunities that look badly timed for you.


Watch out! With Mercury conjunct Saturn you will be in hurry to accomplish as much as possible. This increases the risk of stupid mistakes, some that may even end up being costly to fix, on the short run.

Love is the priority

A myriad of aspects, all to work in your favor between the 8th and the 19th. Let’s start off with Venus trine Mars which increases your need for social contact and takes you, almost forcefully out of the office.

You will first feel distracted and in a dreamy disposition, then your mind will clear and your social goals will finally be revealed. Deep inside you are seeking popularity and the stars are going to help out with this.

The next thing of the list will definitely be revamping your love life and this is actually going to be easily achieved under the support of the Venus trine Pluto aspect on the 17th.

Your emotional display intensifies, and with it, your partner’s attention. You are both on the same page in terms of intimacy needs.

There may be some hiccups at start because you will still feel tempted to spend your free time out there in the company of your friends and exciting new people, rather than just in the company of your loved one.

Single natives will need to be warned that this disposition may lead them to lower their standards and this may alter not only their current expectations, but also their future behavior.

Aspects of personal happiness and peace of mind are only coming to play after the 19th, just as the hormones cool off. Good news though, under the Jupiterian influence, your touch on long term fulfilment is highly spiritual and well thought of.


Enhance! Make sure you don’t waste any energy throughout the month, especially by working for the interests of others. You can build up your own position as a leader, whilst still being diplomatic and collaborative.

A demonstration of strength

You are on a competitive streak at work between the 23rd and the 27th so you should channel all of your efforts into getting as much stuff done as possible during this time. The Mars sextile Jupiter disposition is offering you the confidence to stand up for your desires, even in the face of intimidating superiors.

There may be some tensions to navigate with colleagues, especially linked to moments when you are trying to get everyone to do their jobs at a high standard.

In the afternoons, when at home or out and about, you will actually find it very easy to disconnect from work, which will be very surprising for you. This may actually be a sign that you are striving to achieve that perfect balance of “work hard – play hard”.

The Mars conjunct Pluto aspect peaking on the 26th will demonstrate just how much force you have inside you and what you are capable of achieving, even in the face of adversity.

You may start off as the underdog in a particular instance and then end up as a champion. Don’t get too carried away by this victory, especially in the company of your loved one, who, although supportive of this, may have other, more domestic, expectations from you.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Sun trine Saturn aspect developing towards the end of the month will ensure you are being recognized for your merits and that your effort is generously rewarded, in the work sphere.

Too kind at times

The biggest trap you can fall under this end of month is to try to accomplish everything right now and right here. You are simply taking too much upon yourself and the fact that you are not allowing yourself any time to breath is finally going to make itself felt.

Whilst you are enjoying very much to have your efforts recognized, this doesn’t need to be happening all the time.

Around the 26th, the Mars conjunct Pluto disposition reaches peak intensity, increasing your need to for amassing power. Your efforts will be maximized and luckily, the results to follow will be up to expectations.

This disposition however, talks about endurance and strength in a practical sense as well so this is the ideal time for practicing a sport and for showing your competitive side in a rather relaxed setting.

You need to be prepared for things going awfully wrong and not according to plan and should be able to laugh at yourself. This will also be the key to enjoying your time with the family.

Towards the 30th, you may feel overwhelmed by some recent promises you have made and which you find out (at the very last minute) that you cannot keep.

You will be more devastated about this than those involved, which is, sort of, something to trigger alarm bells in your mind.

Use the very last 2 days of April for your sole enjoyment, pamper yourself and stop thinking about all your worries and your to do lists. You will be surprised by how recharged you can come out of this.

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