Capricorn April 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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April will bring positive energy in your life dear Capricorn, something that you surely deserve. The influence of Venus will attract others to you, so you will enjoy exploring and have many experiences, meet acquaintances and forge new friendships.

Finally, you are not afraid to get out of town and to know your happiness. In your career, you will have a neutral time and will prefer to focus more on your self-development.

You are throwing open arms in front of any kind of love challenge that will appear this month. You are willing to live in the moment without thinking about the consequences as you have done so far.

There are both good and bad parts of this change, but you will most likely learn many useful things from this experience.

Some natives will give, especially towards the end of the month, a lot more attention to their friends and might even end up in a bit of trouble, when trying to help one of them.

April highlights

You're excited, you want to change something in your life and you want to do it NOW! You’re done with the delays! Jupiter is on your side this month, so the attitude "now or never" is what you need.

You want to change something at home, and the New Moon in Aries on the 5th will give you a helping hand. A small problem will be to get the consent of a person involved (boyfriend, girlfriend, parents or apartment mate) who will not be convinced too easily.

You are in a great shape and this month things will progress rapidly, the initiatives you will start now or that you have already started will work wonders up until the 22nd.

The third week of April will be reserved for a special social event - a wedding, a company party or a family reunion. Here will be many people who are important to you, with whom you can have a great talk and who will give you the feeling of "connecting" to a deep level.

That following weekend, Jupiter and Uranus want to propel you in an important position - maybe you will win an honorary title or prize, surely, you will be in the spotlight.

Be spontaneous, enjoy the spring and all the surprises the stars have prepared for you!

Capricorn love horoscope for April

It appears that for the majority of this month, love will be second to you and you will be more concerned about your professional projects. You might put the relationship with your lover in stand-by, being aware that you are taking some risks.

Try to treat your loved one with affection and tell them everything you do at work so that they feel embedded in your life. Also, it wouldn’t be bad to take off on a city break one weekend.

The stars are in a position that requires you to use your experience and a lot of tact in managing some opportunity so that the goal is really the one you expect.

So try not to become manipulative with your partner because you will only manage to confuse them, as they will be able to see through your game.

Single natives might get the chance to envelop themselves in a whirlwind romance, a dynamic love story that could potentially start on some very practical grounds. They may find themselves close to the ideal they dream about.

Pay attention to the wrong steps, try to put more soul in the way you behave with your loved ones, this really matters in these moments.

Career progress this month

It would not be bad for you to leave your career or work in the second place in April 2019 and find more time for your dear ones and for the home - especially during the second half of the month.

You will have the surprise that in this way to attract better understanding and support for your professional projects. Take the time to sleep on important decisions and don’t let yourself feel pressured in any way.

You could also take advantage of the fact that Mercury and Mars support each other by providing you with the energy you need to reorganize your professional life and consolidate the bases you are building.

From a different perspective, however, there are natives who, this month, choose to work from home or earn a lot of passive income. They are the ones favoured during the second half of the month, especially with regards to speculative measures, so they are the ones who should be working the hardest.

It appears that after the 18th, you easily attract investors if you have any business idea, and you can be more convincing than usual. Many Capricorns may find that an investment made with a life partner is rich or enjoys a surprise income.

Mars, located right in your sixth house, inspires courage and could become a model for colleagues. But you need to learn to delegate from your tasks, so that you don’t take on too much work.

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