Capricorn August 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-07-26, 3613 views

This August will mark some kind of travel of yours for higher meanings and for understanding yourself better in the relationships you have with those around, either that we are talking about your partner, your family, friends or co-workers.

Perhaps this comes out of your need to reinvent yourself and is somewhat triggered by the slump of the summer months.

This might also make you more receptive to changes, be it that you search for them actively or that you adapt to them with little questions asked, when prompted by someone else.

In terms of love, the ground is less stable for some natives, with the possibility of long distance relationships or a temporary pause caused by either of the partners having to deal with their own life matters.

A bit of passion

The first few days of August might have you in a bit of a restless mode and also feeling as if there is someone there who wants to see you fail.

For some natives this might actually be true and they should guard their backs while other natives may be using this as some kind of self defence mechanism because they are afraid to take chances.

Venus on the other hand gives you new perspectives and this means that the first weekend of the month will be quite heated. You are bold and passionate and also not afraid to say exactly what you want.

Some clouds of tension might change the weather in your relationship but only if you provoke things so, to some extent, the key to peace and quiet is actually at you.

Around the 10th, an encounter with someone from your past might leave you with a bit of a bitter taste. But you will have to be gentle about the matter and get past it.

Financial wisdom

It appears that during the second half of the month you put a lot more value on material possessions and try to keep them as protected as possible.

This might turn you into a bit of a paranoid and might see you not react in a polite and sensible way in case a friend asks to borrow money or similar.

Although this attitude of yours is not necessarily good news, it seems that it also makes you judge your moves a lot more carefully and will probably prevent you from buying anything out of impulse. Investment is of course postponed for times when you will probably feel a lot more open.

The Moon eclipse on the 18th might change a bit your perception on money, but only temporary. Perhaps you will have to make an important and planned purchase during that time. Keep on a personal reserve though.

When to enjoy yourself and when to be careful

Saturn and Mars are on the lookout and so should you, especially in terms of health. While others may be holidaying who knows where, for you it may be time for an annual check-up or even some more in detail investigations.

Also, if the weather permits, you are advised to spend time outdoors and enjoy moderate physical exercise. Just be careful with the Sun, if it is too hot out there.

Another good time for experimenting with things you haven’t tried before, this time, the opportunities might come via one of your friends. You will feel a lot more social than usual and this will probably help you recharge your batteries faster than usual.

Be careful though not to cross some boundaries, especially if some sensible discussion arises during these outings with your friends. You risk saying something that might offend someone else or say something about you that you will be held accountable for later on.

Clarifying things

As the month nears its end, it seems that most news will come from afar, both at work and at home. You may have to deal with people from a different culture and this in itself it will be an important experience.

This might also give you some prompts that you would like to travel yourself or that you want to learn another language or similar. An auspicious time for family communications and putting things on the table so if you feel you need to come clean in regard to something, this is the time to do it.

Also, when trying to make amends, it would show even more remorse if you try to approach how you think those around have felt when you were in the wrong.

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